Making calls, free of charge

Our users often ask how much should they pay for calling their friends, especially when their friends are located overseas.

In the world of social networking and social interactions conversations with friends are free and we believe they will always stay free. Talkatone is not an exception.

All Google Talk to Google Talk calls are free. In internet traffic when you call your neighbor next door cost almost the same as when you call across the world – that’s the beauty of it. Google assumes all cost related to voice traffic and provides Google Talk service free of charge. And we don’t charge anything too.

However, please do not be confused with Google Voice – the service which allows you to make calls to regular (old-fashioned) telephones. This one is not free and we officially do not support it.

Please keep in mind that you do need to pay your provider of wireless data or internet traffic when you make calls. Similar to how you pay for browsing web pages or exchanging emails.

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