Talkatone, Google Voice and iPod touch

When we launched Talkatone we saw it as a pure social phone with Google Talk being a launch platform. We got very lucky because our first users really loved the app and almost immediately started to give us very good feedback.

Among many was a suggestion to add Google Voice support and couple of users even pointed us to the integration between Google Voice and Google Talk.

It didn’t take long for us to add very simple dialpad support into the app. Users loved it and asked for more. We did add basic integration with Google Voice, both inbound and outbound and all was working good. But as expected we got lots of questions from our users because UI was confusing.

The update which we submitted to Apple App Store yesterday is intended to make things simpler, even much simpler. No longer you need to search for hidden features. Google voice is available right on the main footer tab. Just click on it and you will see a dialpad which you can use to call regular phone numbers.

We also added support for call history. No longer you need to remember all those numbers you called before. It’s now available for you in the top bar.

Speaking of iPod touch. Many users asked us if it possible to use Talkatone on iPod touch and if it makes this awesome device even better. We want to take this opportunity and speak out loud Рyes, Talkatone works on iPod touch just fine. In order to make VOIP calls or chat you need to have a WiFi connection and headphones. With Talkatone + Google Voice your iPod touch will become a much more fun device. Just keep in mind that this cannot be considered as a replacement for your landline phone. Google Voice is a call enhancement service which may not route emergency (911) calls. Please read our description for more details.

Past several weeks proved well known thesis that customer feedback is the best source to improve the product. Please do send us your thoughts, opinions and ideas. We respond to every single email. Do rate us in the app store, tweet about us, talk about us on Facebook. We improve our product based on what you say.

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5 Responses to Talkatone, Google Voice and iPod touch

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  2. Hello there. Can you label the dialpad buttons properly so that VoiceOver can identify them. Presently, they all say “button”, instead of 1, 2, 3, etc. Great app!

  3. Dan says:

    You don’t really need headphones to make the iPod Touch work great with Talkatone. \

    Make the back of the iPod Touch face your cheek.

    Put the bottom (where the port is) next to your ear. That’s where the speaker is located.

    The microphone, which is next to the camera lens in now near your mouth.

    Turn the speaker volume way down for privacy (your ear is right up against it, so you don’t need much volume), and you’re set.

  4. Leisa Kelly says:

    …or just get a MorphCase ( They are supposed to be shipping in June 2013.


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