Incoming Google Voice calls in Talkatone

Google Voice is a pretty hot topic these days after it became available to practically anyone in US. Earlier we explained how we improved Talkatone to make calls with Google Voice. In this post we show how to receive Google Voice calls in your Talkatone app. It works both on iPhone and iPod touch.

Most of you successfully made outbound Google Voice calls from Talkatone. If you have not done this part yet – you basically need to make one call from Gmail first and then you can use Talkatone as explained in this community post (we do not monitor it, nor provide support on this 3rd party site)

But Talkatone can do more than that! It can also receive incoming calls on your Google Voice number. The call rings on your Apple device, you pick it up and talk as you would talk using any other Google Voice compatible applications. But you have to setup your Google Voice to forward all calls.

To set this up you need to login to your Google Voice account at and go to Settings -> Voice Settings (in top right corner).

In the Phones Settings section you will see an option to forward your calls to Google Chat. Please check it:

Note. You may need to uncheck forwarding to all other phones.

Now you can verify that your GMail account can receive voice calls:

  1. Please open GMail and sign in to chat there.
  2. Make a call to your Google Voice number.

Warning: You may need to use different phone than the one you used to register your Google Voice account! Calls from phone registered with your Google Voice account may be always forwarded directly to voicemail!

For your convenience here are few Google links on this subject:

So that’s it! Now you can sign out of GMail chat and make a call again and your Talkatone will ring!

Please note that Google Voice has ListenIn feature: e.g. you can hear the name of caller or even send the call to voicemail and hear the voicemail while it’s left and if you hear something important you can pick the call by pressing * (star key) and amaze the guy (or gal?) who’s leaving you a voicemail. Try it! It’s pretty cool!

But this cool feature comes with a little price – after you accepted call from the lock screen Google Voice will play you the message with the name of the caller and prompting you to press “1” to accept the call and “2” to send the call to voicemail. The call goes to voicemail if you press no button and you will still hear it (but the caller will not hear you!).

To show the dialpad while in the call you need to press “DTMF” button:

Another cool feature of incoming Google Voice call – you can record it! Just press “4” anytime for incoming call and it will be recorded on your Google Voice account!

Note: important legal things outlined in the above-mentioned document

One more hint: we don’t know exactly how Google decides which client to forward call to (and ring) if there are many of them logged in at the same time, but we noticed the following:

  1. If you signed in GMail web chat it may get called instead of Talkatone.
  2. Even after you close the browser window Google Voice for upto 15 minutes will still try to send a call to GMail.

Thus, in order to not miss the call we recommend you to explicitly sign out of GMail web chat when you do not use it.

That’s about it. We hope you enjoy this feature. And please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need support. We will help you.

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229 Responses to Incoming Google Voice calls in Talkatone

  1. Mike says:

    I don’t log in to my Google Voice account using an address. I tried entering my email address and password into Talkatone, but it just says invalid username or password. Obviously this works fine for me when I log in to the GV website.

  2. talkatone says:


    At the moment we support only GMail and Google Apps (Google’s hosted solution for email, which should be transitioned to the New Architecture). Yes, we are aware that you can create “naked” Google account (without GMail address), but we could not make it working.

    Basically rule of thumb: if you can make/receive calls in your GMail web chat – you can do it in Talkatone.

    That said we recommend you to create new GMail account (it’s free and easy to register). After you make at least one outbound call from GMail/web you will be able to make calls in Talkatone too (we recently discovered that outbound calling does not need actual Google Voice account – Gmail is enough).

    To receive calls you may try to move your Google Voice account to new GMail address. We are not sure how exactly it can be done, but here are some links we googled:
    People say that it takes about a week.

  3. Jesse says:

    app works great. but when i recieve a call the notification always says simply “call from (null)” all of the numbers that call me are in my google voice contacts list and in my phones contact list. is there anyway to make the callers name show up rather than null ?

    • talkatone says:


      Yes, we are aware of the issue you brought up.
      We had submitted fix for this issue (as well as showing up DTMF dialpad automatically for incoming GV calls) for Apple’s review on Thanksgiving night.
      We believe that Apple’s approval should be the matter of days.

  4. Louis says:

    Hi, I’ve found that outgoing GV calls work fantastic, but when I try to receive an incoming call I can’t answer it at all.. it goes directly to voicemail, even if I hit the “Accept” button in Talkatone. Any thoughts? Thanks for your help.

    • talkatone says:


      One of our early adopters pointed out this issue yesterday.
      Quick solution: please do not DOUBLE-accept the call for time being. E.g. if you slide slider on “lock screen” do NOT tap green “Accept” button.

      Explanation: we do wait for Google’s confirmation of acceptance call before we hide the “Accept/Decline” buttons. Please note that you still need to tap “1″ or “2″ as described in “ListenIn” feature.

      Our upcoming update (0.9.3) which went into Apple’s review earlier this morning will show the DTMF keypad automatically for incoming call, but it does NOT have fix for “double-accept” issue.

      • Tony says:

        Can you program automatic press 1 as an option in settings? This was if it is not working correctly (due to changes on Google voice side), you just flip the switch and back to the press 1 manually. Pressing 1 every time is a pain and not very elegant imho.

      • talkatone says:


        We’ll try to do it in one of the upcoming updates.

    • Justin says:

      I had this same problem, and found that this works: Instead of pressing “accept” when you have a incoming call, press keypad, then when the keypad come up press #1, you will then be connected to your call. This was very frustrating for me, and took a while to figure out, but it works great! I us Talkatone on an iphone 3g(3g’s don’t support backgrounding), so to receive incoming calls when im not in the app, I simply use the Cydia version of backgrounding(must have a jailbroke iphone). if you use the Cydia backgrounding, make sure you have Talkatone running as if in the foreground(in backgrounder settings), as this is the only way it will work on a iphone 3g.

      I also use the google voice app, it does a great job of letting me know when I have a missed call, text, or voice mail. It also transcribes voicemail to text, wich is great!

      • talkatone says:

        We would not recommend solution with Cydia’s backgrounder for everyone though.
        This solution may work for very tech-savy person who understands that he/she can break a lot of things by going this route and also understands that this may have some security issues unless one exercises certain caution.

  5. Nick says:

    When is that fix coming? I can’t accept any incoming calls at all. Doesn’t matter if I “double-accept” or not it just goes to VM. I have disabled forwarding to all my phones as well

    • talkatone says:

      December 07, 2010 08:03
      Do you press “1″ to accept incoming call after Google Voice plays welcome message?

      December 07, 2010 08:03 | Apple | In Review
      November 29, 2010 01:51 | Apple | Waiting For Review
      November 29, 2010 01:47 | Apple | Upload Received

  6. Jesse says:

    i have the listen in feature disabled (call screening off) but it still tells me to press 1 to accept. i assume this is an issue on googles end rather than on yours. but it never happened with any of my forwarding numbers. any suggestions?

    • talkatone says:


      ListenIn is separate feature from Call Screening. It currently cannot be disabled.
      Please make a feature request directly to Google Voice so they can add this feature if enough users will request it.

      • Joel says:

        I try free sipgate account with acrobits softphone. They have google integration too except implented as call back. When i get calls on my goggle acount via acrobit product I do NOT need to push 1 to accept and don’t need to listen in to anything. When I try the same with talkatone it prompts me to punch in a number. Most folks are not used to doing that. Can’t you fix this in your product too the way they did?

      • talkatone says:


        As we said already – we are connected DIRECTLY to google servers. It appears that this way has some differences comparing “forwarding/callback” chains of 2-3 services.

        However, yes, we are planning to have a setting (turned “on” by default) to automatically send “1″ on acceptance of the call.

        And BTW, we are going to announce beta testing program for new version on Twitter and Facebook in couple weeks.

  7. Leroy Jenkins says:

    I love this app. It works perfectly, I want to cancel all of my AT&T minutes. I wish the app was a little bit prettier but honestly, I don’t reall care. It works!

  8. Marc says:

    Hi when making a call it doesn’t work with prompts on keypad such as ‘dial 1 for sales’.


    • talkatone says:


      Yes, we know that when dialing some destinations there are troubles with detection of DTMF, cannot figure out what’s wrong with DTMF we send (they work for some destinations pretty well).

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  10. Andrew says:

    This application is marvelous!!! A very big thank you to everyone at Talkatone for your hard work!

    After weeks of messing around with an old jailbroken 3G and using different SIP apps (Acrobits, Fring, Bria) and Google Voice specific apps (GV Mobile+, GV Connect, VoiceCentral’s Black Swan) I finally found the answer with Talkatone! No need to forward anything to my SIP accounts at all! All I needed to do on the iPhone 3G was jailbreak it and run Backgrounder from the Cydia store to make sure Talkatone was always running as if it was in the foreground. I use Insomnia as well to keep WiFi active when the phone goes to sleep. Version 0.9.3 is working pretty great and I’m excited to see what you guys roll out next.

    Ok, enough praise, time for the criticisms–

    1.) 3G quality. I know you talked about this. But is there ANY workaround you guys could do on your end? It is constantly choppy and lagging. Maybe run the audio through a preprocessing/compressing codec when 3G is detected? Or would GV’s codecs just defeat that?

    2.) Contacts! Probably the most frustrating thing for me personally right now on Talkatone. I have all my contacts synced between my Address Book and GMail. And all those contacts on my iPhone synced with Gmail. All I want to do is have the phone numbers which are all saved in my Gmail contacts available at a touch. At the moment only GTalk contacts are avaialble by default and it is quite annoying seeing all my contacts who have Gmail accounts themselves loaded into the Buddies group (which gets quite big). I want to be able to add my Gmail or Address Book/iPhone contacts to the list and not have to do that one by one or manually. I also want to customize my contacts list beyond All, Online, and Recent. I know I can select them when I’m calling from the “Address Book” tab in the upper right-hand corner, but when I click the number in the individual contact it dials them straight away, and I have no opportunity to save them to my list of contacts in Talkatone (thus the annoying need to add them manually). Can you create some sort of favorites tab? Or better yet just enable the ability to integrate all your contacts already in the iPhone to the main list of Talkatone? That would be AMAZING and solve all that frustration!

    3.) Aesthetics. The app is great, but visually it is pretty poor. I know you’ve heard it before. Personally, the UI isn’t so bad for me besides the above point, but you really need to clean up your logo/icon! The telephone shape is pixelated and the logotype and colors just aren’t that classy. You have an amazing app and the design/presentation should reflect that. I’d be happy to do some design work for you guys for free and help out with a new graphic and icon! Just let me know.

    Again, great work, can’t wait until the next release!

    • talkatone says:

      1) 3G quality. At this moment 3G networks at some cities like San Francisco and New York just cannot handle data well especially at the rush hours when demand grows. As we mentioned here, Google Voice offers a choice of 1 audio codec to use which is uncompressed audio with no packet loss correction. E.g. every lost packet will cause “static”. As soon as they start offering better codecs to chose from we can adopt those codecs (though some codecs may require royalty payments)

      2 and 3) Yes, our new UI is going to address your concern about contacts and aesthetic. But it may take couple updates :)

      • Alex K says:

        While we are on the UI subject.. I would be great if the future Talkatone updates can come as as universal iPhone/iPad binaries.. with the UI support for native iPad resolution.

        You’re going to see more and more iPad users (I am one of them) using your app, so a native-res iPad UI would be much appreciated! Thanks and keep up excellent job on this great app.

      • talkatone says:


        Yes, we are considering native iPad support but it will take a while to get there – iPad is way more than just blown up iPhone, so it may require another UI rewrite. So, if you are in the rush we recommend using the following solution.

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  12. Matt says:

    GREAT APP! I’ve been using it for about 2 weeks now and I’m loving it. One issue I’m having with the receiving calls is that I never hear the name of the caller, it just says press 1 to answer and so on. Is there a fix for this or setting I can change?

    Again, thanks again for a great app.

  13. Al says:

    Hello. The application you made is simply fantastic!
    I don’t have a phone line and this is savior for me.
    Can you tell me if there is a way to set up that when I receive incoming call, instead of phone number it will show callers name?
    Is that feature available or will be in future?
    Thanks for help.


    • talkatone says:


      Yes, we will show the name. There was some technical reason why we do not resolve caller’s phone number to name, however, it appears that Apple responded to our support ticket with solution for the crash and we will be able to do it in next version.

  14. Pei says:

    This is really really a great app and I had put it on my first page.

    I have one questions about incoming call that is it possible to receive a call even if you close the app. Now, I noticed that we can receive when it is background, which may result in more battery usage.

    Anyway, I am already very happy with this app. Thank you very much for you genius guys.

    All the best,



  15. Matt says:

    Thanks again for your app. I use it a lot. I have a question about other audible alerts on the phone. It appears that when I’m on a call with Talkatone, if another app pops up an alert with any type of audible sound (like an SMS message or other push notification), I lose all sound from the call on Talkatone. It’s as if the call is muted and I can’t hear anything. I also believe the other person on the call can’t hear me either. The only way I’ve been able to restore the audio for the call is to dismiss the alert and hit the speaker button to enable the speakerphone and then hitting it again to send it back to the earpiece speaker. Is there anyway to prevent this?

    Again, thanks for a great app.

    • talkatone says:


      Interesting. Do you have any specific app which interrupts audio so badly?
      We will try to request exclusive audio session – looks like it’s better to do not be nice in this situations.

      • Matt says:

        The most frequent interruption is SMS. But it has happened with other apps, too.

      • talkatone says:


        We do not support SMS. You probably refer to IM (chat) messages. Yes, we will have ability to go “Invisible” and disable notifications in next version.

      • Matt says:

        What I meant was when the native SMS iphone app pops up an alert that a text message is available, the call is essentially put on hold until the pop up alert is dismissed. Then, I have to hit the speaker button a couple times to get the call back. The person on the other side of the call keeps talking, but they can’t hear me either.

      • talkatone says:


        Looks like we should not be trying to be polite to other apps while on the call – just get exclusive control over the sound and do not let any other sound play while on the call.

      • Matt says:

        I’ve done some testing and found that the issue is not caused by the native iphone SMS app. I’ve been using BiteSMS and when it pops up, I lose audio and microphone on a call. When I disable BiteSMS and use the default native SMS app, I can get text alerts without any affect on audio or microphone.

        I hate this is happening because I love BiteSMS. That app and yours are probably my 2 favorites!

        Thanks again for a great app. You guys are awesome!

      • talkatone says:


        Just checked audio stuff – PlayAndRecord is exclusive by default (so it can kick out iPod app or Pandorra when you got a call). However if somebody else goes in FG (like Push notification) they may grab audio in exclusive mode (native SMS app has backdoor access to better APIs). Probably we need to try to handle this audio unavailable/become available situation so we can resume after notification (or regular cell call which will do the same thing).

  16. Richard says:

    Great product loving it so far. I notice the text feature, can you elaborate more on how it is suppose to be setup through Google Voice because it is sending my texts to my email? Thanks

  17. Matt says:

    After playing with BiteSMS, I’ve found that if I disable the custom ringtone feature then I can continue to use BiteSMS and popup alerts won’t affect a Talkatone call. I’m glad I can continue to use the BiteSMS app, but one reason I like it so much is for the custom ringtone. I’ll continue testing and if I find a way to use both fully, I’ll post my results.

    • Matt says:

      I thought I’d solved my call interruption issues by disabling the custom ringtone feature for BiteSMS, but today I was on a call with Talkatone and an incoming call in my default, native iPhone app popped up. As soon as I saw the notification I lost audio on the Talkatone call. I had to dismiss the call and then press the speakerphone button twice before I was returned to the call. So, unfortunately, it appears this issue is bigger than I thought. Hopefully this can be easily addressed in the next version. Personally, I don’t need an audible alert from anything else while I’m on a Talkatone call, so giving up the sounds would be fine with me. I’d still want a visible alert, though.

      Also, one other request for your next version: Is it possible to build in a default area code? We could enter a default area code in the settings and then when we make a call, if we don’t enter an area code the app would add it automatically. That would be very helpful.

      Again, thanks for the great app guys and consider me available to beta any new features for you. I’m interested in helping however I can.

      • talkatone says:


        Yes, any audio interruption would do it. We currently do not handle audio interruptions while on the call hoping iOS will do it for us, but it deosn’t :(

        Are code: we removed pre-populated “+1″ so you should be able to dial short numbers where allowed – Google Voice would resolve them to full 11 digit (or longer) numbers.

  18. Matt says:

    One other question about your great app. Is there a way to dismiss an incoming call when the phone is locked? If I unlock the phone, it answers the call. I’ve tried the power button, both volume controls, but the call just rings until it goes to vmail.

    Thanks for the great app.

    • talkatone says:


      “Screen Lock” used to work under iOS4.0.1 and iOS4.1.
      Looks like under iOS4.2 it keeps playing notification but kills the app when you try to dismiss.

  19. Joel says:

    Great app. I love it. I’m having some issues with incoming calls however. It rings fine, and I swipe to answer, and it appears to start the call (minutes ticker starts to go) but the call never actually picks up. The caller just gets a solid dial tone until it hits voice mail and I’m left with just silence on Talkatone until it eventually just clicks off.

    The app seems to automatically bypass the option to accept of decline after the “swipe call accept”

    Is this normal?

    Thanks for any help.

    • talkatone says:


      Swiping is already “Accept” (don’t double accept, current version will drop the call if your try to tap green “Accept” after you slided slider).
      However, what it expects is tapping “1″ or “2″ (ListenIn). We already managed to bypass it in vNext (which is in works now).

  20. Rob says:

    Talkatone shows great promise, but like others I am having a problem receiving calls. I’ve got a jailbroken ipt 2g running ios 4.1. Calls out are relatively great if you are on a good wifi connection, and it is a pleasure to not have to wait for a callback to connect to the number dialed. I used Gmail Chat from a PC and found the quality very good. I went through the lengthy process of upgrading my ipt to ios 4.1 just so I could try Talkatone. I consider it a killer app.

    When a call comes in, if I have Talkatone (TT) backgrounded, the ipod rings There is no way to get to the TT keypad to push 1 since you have to answer the dialog box saying you accept the call. After accepting the call TT comes out of background but no amount of pushing 1 will facilitate a pickup so the incomig call is missed and goes to voicemail. From the other messages I gather this is an issue that is being worked on by Talkatone so I guess I’ll wait and see. As it stands if someone is trying to reach me I hear the ring and will later hear and see (transcribed) their voicemail, and then could call them back.

  21. Alex says:

    Hi. First, I’d like to say GREAT JOB!! I’ve tried many of the other VoIP apps and this one is by far the best. I’m having one problem however, and it seems to occur only when my ipod screen is locked. I’m using a 4th generation ipod touch (iOS 4.2), which is not jailbrocken, and I’m having trouble receiving calls from most people (not everyone) when the screen is locked. Yes talkatone is left running in the background when I lock my screen. This problem is non existent when my screen is unlocked, however I obviously cant leave it unlocked all the time. Any possible solutions I may not have already tried would be much appreciated.

    • Alex says:

      I’d also like to add to my previous post that the problem is not with pressing accept twice like others have mentioned. Its that my ipod fails to ring at all and notify my. Like I said already this only occurs when certain people call me and my screen is locked.

  22. Alex says:

    Nothing at all. My ipod screen stays black and there’s no sound. the only thing i receive is a question mark in my call history showing the time the person tried to call me. Id also like to mention that I am in wifi range with strong connection when this happens so that cant be the problem.

    • talkatone says:

      Ahhh :)

      Question mark in Google Voice call history (the tab in dialpad) is SMS :)
      E.g. object current version does not understand yet.

      • Alex says:

        Your response made no sense to me. Please rephrase.

      • talkatone says:


        In Google Voice call history we show:

        1. Calls you received
        2. Calls you made.
        3. Calls you missed (they have red icon).

        However, Google Voice history returns all sorts of objects including voicemails and SMS-es you sent/received.

        Current version does not support displaying SMS, so we show “unknown object” (question mark) icon next to the line which represent SMS. You can login to and check “History” there and you will see that most of the objects which shown with question mark in Talkatone are SMSes.

  23. Alex says:

    Thank you for being patient. This is probably what is happening. Texts and question marks seem to pair up. I should have figured this out myself. My bad. Keep up the great work and customer support.

  24. Rob says:

    I posted on 1/5/11 about problems receiving incoming calls. I have a jaibroken ipt 2g running ios 4.1. It looks like I’ve solved the incoming call problems, and here’s what I discovered.

    A. I had to have Talkatone (TT) backgrounded. Multitasking (Apple’s substitute for backgrounding) will not work. Since Apple doesn’t to my knowledge offer backgrounding this means ipods (and by exiension probably iphones) must be jailbroken. Interestingly I didn’t have to have Google Voice backgrounded.

    B. When a call comes in I had to allow 3 rings to occur before sliding to unlock in preparation to answer. My theory is this allows TT to synch with the incoming signal, otherwise I never heard the “push 1 to answer” instruction and couldn’t answer the call.

    C. As others have also discovered, don’t push the answer button because you will lose the call. Wait for the instructions and push 1 to answer.

    ipi 2g are kind of clumsy to use on calls because of the ear bud/microphone and its cord. Although clumsy the sound quality is good. An ipt 4g with built in microphone should make this much easier, although as previously mentioned I think it will have to be jailbroken. Has anyone tried TT with an ipt 4g or an iphone? If so I was wondering how the voice quality was and how easy it was to use?

    • talkatone says:


      A. Apple devices support VoIP backgrounding. E.g. they will allow to run VoIP apps as long as needed in background. This is new feature of iOS4. However, due to hardware limitations only iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod Touch 3rd and 4th gen and iPad support this mode.

      B. We already found workaround for this weird ListenIn (press “1″ to answer). It will be part of next update.

      C. We had already fixed this issue in the dev version and it will be part of next update too.

      You don’t have to jailbreak iPod Touch 4g. Moreover, we had received SEVERAL complains that *some* jailbreaks will damage multitasking. Yes, often Talkatone works fine on jailbroken devices, but on some jailbroken devices as soon as Talkatone enters background OS kills the network connection (may be there is an app in Cydia which is doing this?) and Talkatone disconnects from the server.

  25. Rob says:

    Thanks. So you are saying ipt 4g will work to keep voip backgrounded without being jailbroken. Since we’ve heard the devil’s in the details I’m prompted to delve into the details.

    I thought Apples form of backgrounding was really multitasking, which I have heard and proven with my ipt 2g does not keep an app running in the background but suspends the app. So do you have to do anything with the ipt 4g to get it to background the Talkatone app?

    I agree with you that if you can avoid jailbreaking you probably should. I felt great relief when I escaped from a failed Greenpoison jb on my ipt 2g mc. Because there is no way to background or even stay awake (keep wifi on when ipt hibernates and screen goes dark) with the 2g, and I really wanted to try Talkatone I jailbroke again with Snowbreeze. Luckily Snowbreeze worked and i didn’t turn my ipt into a brick.

    I have heard that the ipt 4g keeps wifi on by design when the ipt hibernates (Apple appears to be learning from the jailbreakers). If it also allows backgrounding Talkatone successfully then there should be little reason to jailbreak. However, I would miss certain nifty wifi apps like wififofum which shows exactly what wifi access points are available and their strength allowing one to move a little closer to up the signal or select a different ap when one ap either isn’t fast enough or isn’t allowing connection I was in Books a Million the other day and couldn’t make a call on their wifi, but noticed I was picking up Starbucks strong enough. Sure enough Starbucks worked fine. Apples settings wifi app may not have shown me Starbucks,wifi having determined that it was too weak. Every so often I dislike it when Apple acting like big brother decides for me, and gives me no alternative.

    • talkatone says:


      Yes, there are some caveats with multitasking. Here is official info from Apple on it: Scroll to “Get VoIP calls while using other apps.”

      But yes, most of the apps which claims to support multitasking in fact support running in background for upto 10 minutes. However, Talkatone (and we went through extra review steps for this) qualifies to be truly VoIP backgrounding app.

      And yes, iPodTouches 3rg/4th gen,iPhone 3GS/4 and iPad will keep WiFi on if there is VoIP app in background which uses it (iPhone may keep 3G radio instead if connection is established over 3G link). This is default behavior of iOS4. Moreover, VoIP backgrounded app will be awaken periodically (once in 10 minutes) to maintain network connection (and reconnect if connection dropped). So, Apple did really nice job on doing multitasking right.

      “Big brother” thing. Keep in mind you sound as very techy person. And there are a lot of people who are not. They would really prefer if somebody else would make those techy decisions for them, as they have other things in life they care about. So, if you are techy you can take complete control over the phone, but you have to be ready if you mess up with something during this process (for example it’s VERY easy to mess up with backgrounding).

  26. Rob says:

    After working perfectly on many incoming calls yesterday, Talkatone would not ring on incoming calls today. Instead I would get a notice that I missed the call after it ended. This lack of receipt of incoming calls occurred on a strong wifi signal. A couple hours later on the same wifi I was able to receive incoming calls, so does TT get overloaded at times such that it misses calls?

    Also today, when a call was made during a shopping trip from the library wifi, TT seemed very, very choppy; so much so that I had to end the call. From that same library wifi I was able to get pretty good quality using iCall. It just sounded like a bad day for Talkatone today. Does anyone else experience variable TT performance?

  27. Rob says:

    I bought an ipt 4g today. Talkatone is working great with the 4g on ios 4.2.1. So far I haven’t had a problem receiving the message to “push 1″ to accept the call. Maybe it was just a good day for the cloud. Most of the time I am working with a fairly weak signal of about -75 dbm or weaker. Tonight the audio sounded very clear even at -80 dbm. Thanks Talkatone.

  28. Fernando says:

    I’m trying to get my Gizmo5 phone number verified through talkatone and google voice but it will ring and then instantly disconnect once I answer the phone.

  29. Mervyn Burnett says:

    Can not make this app work on my 4th gen Itouch, it will not log in it just spins and spins. It sounds like a great app.

    • talkatone says:


      Please contact our support at

      But as general rule – please try to toggle status to offline (even when it’s already offline) and back to online – it will force reconnect (sometimes logout sequence times out somewhere in Google cloud – we added guard check for this in upcoming 0.9.5 version)

  30. Hassan says:

    How I can delete the phone no from the history page. It is great software, easy to use and thank for develope it

  31. Joe says:

    But when i go to ‘Voice settings” it brings me to a screen with two tabs for ‘Billing” and “account”

  32. Joe says:

    But, when i go to voice settings, Right under the word settings it says:

    Billing | Account

    • talkatone says:


      Are you trying to access Google Voice from outside of USA?

      • Joe says:

        Yes, im in canada

      • talkatone says:


        Apologize, but Google Voice is not available in Canada. They also do not have Canadian phone numbers we believe.

        If you’ll be visiting U.S. you can try to register GV acc from U.S. IP address and use it after that from anywhere.

      • Benjamin Parkinson says:

        I am in the united states and I have the same problem with the only settings being “Billing” and “Account”. Suggestions?

      • talkatone says:


        Make sure the following:

        1. You are accessing from U.S.
        2. You have “U.S English” interface language set on your Google (GMail) account.

  33. Joe says:

    Thats alright, are you guys planning to open anything in Canada?

  34. Ariana Zamudio says:

    I have the latest version of gmail and I’m trying to be able to get in coming calls but it doesn’t have the settings then phones then google chat checkbox? What do I do to get the incoming calls?

    • talkatone says:


      Our understanding you can make outgoing calls, right?

      For incoming calls you need to setup full Google Voice account at pick the phone number you like and follow simple instructions we published here:

      • Ariana Zamudio says:

        Yes I can and I’m trying to get my number. Does it have to be the location I live in because I’ve tried 214, Dallas, and 75240 and there are mo results?

      • talkatone says:


        Google may have limited availability in some area codes.
        However, you may pick the number you like – for example with your name in it or something.
        However, remember that it may be long distance call for people calling you from landlines.

  35. G.Philips says:

    Ok, I believe I done everything I possibly can to make and receive calls via talkatone app on my iphone, but I could only make calls. A friend of mines told me about this app and he tried to help me setup to make and receive call via 3g or Wifi, but we haven’t fully complete the installation I assumed.

    Here’s what I have completed or done so far: Google voice account with a phone number, gmail account, installed Google voice and talkatone app on my IPhone.

    My problem is that I cannot receive phone calls to my IPhone via Talkatone, BUT I can make calls through talkatone app. Please help I really want to use this great feature instead of using my AT&T day time minutes.

    • talkatone says:

      Please check our Getting Started Guide on how to setup incoming calls:

      Also, to receive calls Talkatone needs to be running at least in background. The following devices support multitasking:
      iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4,
      iPod Touch 3rd and 4th gen,
      iPad (both).

      On older devices Talkatone needs to run in foreground.

      One more common issue with receiving calls: When you are done with using GMail web chat please explicitly sign out from chat. Otherwise (if you just close the browser or navigate away from page) GMail will keep you online for upto 30 minutes and incoming calls will end up there and be diverted straight to voicemail.

  36. Gabriel Gomez says:

    I liked this APP

  37. Arrfa says:

    Okayso, I just got this app and the steps you got there wont help. When I got to>settings>voice settings, it just shows the billing method? .Its weird

  38. chak says:

    Dear Sir,
    When i go to the google voice account, i do not see the screenshot u pasted to forward the calls
    Please help me

    • talkatone says:


      Do you see “Upgrade My Account” button on the left?
      If so, please upgrade your account – it is still free and in the process of upgrading you will be prompted to pick the phone number you like.

  39. BIGPAPPA says:

    So far it’s done what it says.

  40. Akshatha says:

    Hi. i’m not able to find call forwarding to gtalk option! all i can see is settings in google voice -> mobile -> edit -> advanced setting -> forwarding option -> activate or deactivate. what do i do next?

    • talkatone says:


      Do you have *FULL* Google Voice account registered? E.g. with phone number picked and activated?

      If yes, can you please try direct URL to the page with forwarding options: (this is mobile-friendly link which works both on computers and mobile devices).

  41. Ja says:

    I love talktone

  42. vijender says:

    i want to get information about google voice completely.if anybody wants to call my particular operator service then will he have to call at my google voice numberor at my particular operator service number , which have i regisetered at the google voice account.

  43. tazb says:

    I dont seem to have that tab on my settings. This is what I see:

  44. steve says:

    My technical skills are such that it there is a village named Computer, I would be the village idiot…so I need the most non-technical answer you can give me.

    I have just installed the app on my Ipad One. I love it!

    Outgoing calls work just great, but when my Gmail is open on my PC, and I am using the router that also connects to my PC via ethernet, and I try to receive calls via your app on my Ipad……. there is no pop up option to receive the call…… and the call goes directly to my voicemail.

    However, if I close Gmail on my PC, the calls come to my Ipad and I can accept them on the keypad.

    I have not tried to have someone phone me when I am using Y-FI elsewhere (i.e. not near the open Gmail on my office PC). I am hoping that when using a router that does not recognize my open Gmail that the app will allow me to receive the call and not send it to voicemail.

    Question 1 am I correct that the app will work for incoming calls (i.e. give me a pop-up that enables me to answer the call) when I am not near my open Gmail account?

    Question 2 Is there a way to a have the app accept calls when I am at my PC and Gmail is open?

    • talkatone says:


      Yes, Talkatone can receive incoming calls and as you noted:

      1. Google Chat does not support “Call Forking” (e.g. ability to “split” the call and ring multiple devices – like what Google Voice does).
      2. GMail Web Chat is a top priority client, which will receive the call if it’s there.

      So there are 2 ways:

      1. Signout of Google Web Chat every time you are leaving it.
      2. Uninstall Google Audio/Video Chat plugin, so it never would receive a call (you can install it back anytime)

  45. Kyle says:

    I can make phone calls just fine through talkatone, yet if my wife calls me, I get no notification, and it goes straight to voicemail. I’ve set up my call forwarding to go to google chat, and disabled the forwarding to the phone number, but still no dice.

    • talkatone says:


      1. On which device do you use Talkatone?

      2. If you log in to GMail web chat – can you receive the incoming calls there?

      3. Calls from all phones listed under “forwarding phones” (even unchecked) most likely will end up in “check voicemail” prompt without ringing anything.

      • Kyle says:

        1. am on an iPhone
        2. If you are referring to the chat inside of GMail, no I cannot receive calls there, I can make calls. I have a google phone number and have been using google voice for a while now, it is my primary voicemail service

        3. I realize that, I’ve been using my wife’s phone to make test calls. Hers is not registered on my google voice account. It goes straight to voicemail, and the only notification I get is from my google voice saying I’ve missed a call.

      • talkatone says:


        So as long as you cannot get incoming calls in GMail we cannot receive them either as looks like calls are not forwarded to your chat correctly.

        Things to check: Google Voice is registered on the same GMail account.
        Go to Google Voice settings and *delete* forward to Google Chat completely.
        Then go to Gmail and make one call to phone using chat. It should recreate “Forward to Google Chat” and hopefully with proper settings.

        If still no dice – something is wrong with your account and only Google can fix that.

  46. Kyle says:

    Okay, so I can receive calls in GMail now, however when I officially sign out of GMail, my phone still does nothing if I try to call my number.

    • talkatone says:


      Please signout of *chat*. Not top level GMail.
      It will keep you logged in for 30 min if you just sign out of GMail.

      And also, to start please keep Talkatone in foreground.

  47. Kyle says:

    Ah… Wonderful. It is working now. The thing I was getting hung up on was you can make calls, just plain phone calls from GMail WITHOUT the chat feature. I’ve always used that. I’ve never really used the chat feature before.

  48. Nick says:

    When I type in the link for the settings it comes up but I can’t find the settings area…please help

    • talkatone says:


      On your computer please login to and look for “Upgrade Account” button on the left side (under your available credits).

      After you upgrade account you should be able to select forwarding to Google Chat.

  49. Mackenzie says:

    I Can’t figure out my phone number on talkatone I’m getting so ANGREY!!!

    • talkatone says:


      1. Please login to on your computer.
      2. Look for “Upgrade Account” button on the left side (don’t worry, the upgrade process is free).
      3. During upgrade process you will pick the phone number you like (by area/zip code and/or letters, for example containing your name or something).

      After that you need to setup forwarding calls to “Google Chat”.

      Our Getting Started Guide has updated detailed instructions on how to setup forwarding.

  50. Jaypie says:

    I have talkatone set up on ipad 2 and it works great. However when I get an incoming call I only get the visual notification. I am not hearing the ringtone I chose in notification settings. Am I supposed to hear an audible ringtone? How do I set that up?

  51. Courtney says:

    I have set everything up correctly and but when I get an incoming call, I only hear the ring. Nothing pops up to prompt me to answer the call…whether my phone is locked or not. Even if I have the Talkatone app open, I only hear a ring but no call screen? Please advise…

    • talkatone says:


      Strange, very strange sounds like “mobile substrate” related artifact (jailbreak).

      If you don’t have any jailbreak, please try re-installing the app, it may help.

      • Courtney says:

        I was afraid of that. I’ll just have to wait for a fix to come up on other jailbreak boards. Love the app though!

      • talkatone says:

        You can actually uninstall mobile substrate from Cydia.

        Yes, this will remove all those animated wall papers from the home screen and most likely will delete winterboard (or most of widgets) too.

        Basically, we cannot write the app counting all altered behavior of standard methods mobile substrate / jailbreak can impose. Be very careful with jailbreak and minimize iOS alterations if you cannot remove JB completely.

      • Courtney says:

        ***Update*** I disabled the alertBlocker mobile substrate addon via SBSettings and rebooted and everything works perfect! (Whether it was disabling that addon or simply rebooting the phone that caused it to work, I don’t know)

        Love love love the app!!

  52. The incoming calls do not work though even i have checked connect to gmail, i receive no notification when receiving a call on talkatone

    • talkatone says:

      One of the most often reasons to have troubles with incoming calls: If you are using GMail web chat please sign out of chat.

      If you just close GMail browser window or navigate away of GMail page or signout of GMail itself the Google will still keep you “online” from GMail and the calls will be grabbed by Gmail and routed directly to voicemail.

  53. BoostMogul says:

    At this moment, I am about to downgrade to Talkatone 9.3 even though the call quality might suffer. I am on an Ipod Touch 4G. Latest IOS unaltered.

    My problem is this. After I launch Talkatone I CAN receive a call from Google Voice. (I go to google voice settings on my laptop and click on ‘Re-record Voicemail message on google chat.’ and it rings my Ipod.) However, after Talkatone is in the background for an undetermined amount of time it no longer responds to calls. I have to relaunch the app from the background (at which point there is that spinning wheel thingy and a message saying it is connecting to Google’s servers) and then it will again receive calls for a while.

    However, never knowing when it will stop receiving calls is driving my nuts. I even tried deleting and reinstalling the current version of Talkatone. No dice. The older version of Talkatone was better at keeping connected to Google’s servers in the background, I think.

    Unless you can offer me a solution, I will probably stick with the older version even with all its bugs.

    • talkatone says:

      Let’s start with few things about how iOS works:

      1. VoIP application which runs in background woken up once in 10 min to check that connection is still alive and reconnect if needed.
      2. If you launch resource heavy application which demands a lot of memory (RAM) iOS will ask all other apps to first unload UI (Talkatone honors this request) and then will kill all backgrounded apps.

      The newer versions of Talkatone require little bit more resources than old one even after unloading all UI elements. Yes, this little bit extra footptint (1Mb) could trigger this “kill em all” situation to happen little bit earlier in some borderline conditions. However, it may be caused not only by little bit extra footprint of Talkatone itself.

      It may be caused by update of such resource heavy app that it now needs to load few more images which would require extra 10-15Mb or iOS after update can have more code residing in memory. If this is the case – downgrade of Talkatone would not help.

      Basically our understanding is that most frustrating portion is that you don’t know what triggers unload.

      The easiest way (which is quite complicated, but this is easiest) is to get crash logs from device via syncing iPhone/iPodTouch/iPad with iTunes and look through the crash logs (yes, every “low memory” incident is recorded).

      The “low memory” logs start with “LowMemory-” prefix.
      P.S. Talkatone appears as “talkmeim” (original internal name of the app which we can’t change) in these logs.

    • Thtechnoland says:

      Same thing happens to me

  54. Thtechnoland says:

    Since google voice will end next year in gmail chat , will talkatone still work?

  55. Crissy says:

    I have Talkatone and the google voice app. and I am having a problem with my google voice app ringing at the same time as my talkatone app. which causes me problems when answering calls because it sometimes answers with the google voice app. which uses my mins. I don’t want to delete my google voice app. because it seems to be better when transcribing my messages but if I have to I will. Can you please offer me any better solutions you may have. Thanks

  56. Eduardo says:

    I live in tge US, and I have an account w/ Flynumber that provides me with a local number in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. That number is forwarded to my GoogleTalk account, which is tied to Talkatone, calls come is as messages such as ” Hi Buddy  552196085884 at extension 552196085884 is calling you!” instead of letting me answer… Any advice?
    I’ve tried under goggle voice to have it forwarded both ways to my googleTalk and then to my regular phone number w/o success …
    Flynumber allows me to forward it to my skype account which works fine but wanted to use you guys…
    Receiving calls from my google voice number thru talkatone works just fine and the quality us way better than skype’s… But it really is important for me to have a local number in Brazil.

    • talkatone says:


      We probably know what the issue is:

      In Google Chat there are 2 ways of making/receiving call:
      1. “Google Way”
      2. “Standard Way” (according to RFC).

      Google itself makes all calls using Google Way, which we implemented. The “Standard Way” (RFC) is not directly compatible with Google way, but it’s possible to distinct them when we receive call.

      So, at the moment we support only Google Way, where Flynumber probably forwards to GTalk using “Standard Way”. (Google Voice forwards and receives calls using “Google Way”).

      Anyway, even if we fix “signaling” issue the problem with call quality will still be there:

      1. We specifically detect that call comes from Google Voice to enable compression. We know that there is literally ZERO chances that they start doing anything better than uncompressed audio in near future and even G729 wouldn’t really work over 3G. So we know our compression will still have advantage over direct connection.

      2. All other calls use “codec negotiation” where both parties on the call list all codecs they support and pick the best common (kinda like when people speaking multiple languages meet and try to figure out common language to talk). In case of Google Chat – there is good choice (there is no our “compression”, but you can get decent quality) and in case if other party is Talkatone too – we can negotiate codec used in our compression outright and exclude our servers and establish direct peer to peer audio connection reducing latencies (lag/delay) to almost negligible values.

      Now when having that Flynumber is most likely going to offer G711 (uncompressed audio) only as codec (and we will detect it’s not Google Voice) – we will NOT enable compression on this call and quality would suck anywhere except outstanding WiFi (tough to find WiFi network where G711 would sound good, but if you can fine tune network to survive G711 – quality will be “crystal clear”).

      Sooo…. Is it possible to forward Flynumber’s calls to your Google Voice number and let Google Voice properly forward the call to chat claiming that it’s now Google Voice call?

  57. Daniel says:

    how to silence incoming ringtone, like during a meeting?

    • talkatone says:

      1. iPhone and iPad has “mute”/”silence” switch on the side.
      2. Yes, declining local notifications got broken in iOS 4.2 and stays broken in 4.3. There is known workaround for this bug in iOS: Press Screen Lock button. It will keep ringing and then unlock the screen, which does not accept call in this situation, but silence ringtone.

  58. newman says:

    how do you get your regualar phone number to ring again? i call my husband and it says number invalid even though he is signed out of gmail chat???? help

    • talkatone says:


      1. Have you been able to call this number before? Are you calling 760-number by the chance? If yes – it’s “shared” number on which nobody can receive calls. In this case you husband did not obtain his personal number.

      2. If it used to work before and now you don’t even get his voicemail – this may indicate problem at Google. As they supposed to send call at least to voicemail when they cannot reach any phone registered on account

  59. amanda says:

    this app wont let me make calls or send messages keeps telling me i have not configured the calling . yet i have several times . please help !!!!

    • talkatone says:


      This could happen if Google returns us an error when we try to check configuration settings on your account.
      To disable this check please go to “Settings” tab in Talkatone, tap “Google Voice” and turn “Setup Verification” OFF.

  60. Jimmy says:

    This Talkatone apps is great! Love this app. Just one thought though, I noticed that even when It is runing in the background and I travel to a location with no data signal for example (elevator, country side or power off my device and turn back on) the talkatone is shown runing in the background but doesn’t restart by it’s self to continue runing in the background. For a quick testing, I set the phone on airplane mode for couple of minute and turn it back on. After several minute I used another phone to call my GV but Talkatone doesn’t pickup and so all calls are miss call from that point on. Is there a setup that I can set to make the Talkatone apps running in the background to restart once data connection is back?

    • talkatone says:


      1. Reconnects after being disconnected. iOS awakes VoIP backgrounding apps once in 10 minutes to check connection (to prevent battery drain). We do perform reconnect attempt as soon as we get the chance. Though the chance may come in 10 minutes after you switched from airplane mode or left elevator. Sometimes we may fail on first attempt, so have to wait for next time slot to continue.

      2. Reboot of iPhone. In theory iOS should automatically start VoIP backgrounded apps, but this happens not always. to be 100% sure please just open Talkatone manually after reboot.

  61. Lauren says:

    I absolutely cannot figure this out! I have this app on my ipod touch and no matter how hard I try, I cannot receive incoming calls! I can call outward, but not get calls from other people! When other people call, I receive a notification and an option to accept, but the app does not give me the option of pressing 1 or 2 at all! When I am in a call it looks nothing like the screenshot, I do not have the “DTFM” option! I have tried to read though all of these posts and figure out what I should do but I absolutely can’t. Please help!!!

    • talkatone says:


      The screenshot is quite obsolete – it’s like dozens updates back.

      You may enable ListenIn (option to ask for 1 or 2) in Talkatone’s Settings => Google Voice.
      p.s. DTMF is labeled as “keypad” now.

      • Lauren says:

        i did all of this. when a call comes through, my only option is to hit “answer.” then, it continues ringing from the other phone, but on talkatone it said it has picked up. i tried pressing a few buttons, but i have not gotten any prompts to do so from google voice whatsoever. listenin is also enabled.

      • talkatone says:


        When ListenIn is enabled Google Voice expects you to manually press “1″ (to accept call) or “2″ to send it to voicemail.
        You need to do that EVEN if the prompt to do so was cut (e.g. you didn’t hear it)

  62. shanerocelle says:


    Would like to know if it’s free to call to US and Canada using gtalk if i am here in Philippines :)

    • talkatone says:

      Gtalk-to-Gtalk calls are free worldwide, same for calling your Facebook friends who also use Talkatone (e.g. Talkatone-to-Talkatone) calls.

      Calls to regular phones from abroad may be either unavailable either not-free depending on location. (as of august 1st), please check Google voice blog for details.

  63. Vipul says:

    I have multitasking enabled but its a 2nd gen ipod touch. How come I can’t recieve incoming calls even though I have multitasking enabled?

    • talkatone says:


      1. Ipod touch 2nd generation does not support multitasking.
      2. If you had jailbroken iPod Touch and enabled multitasking anyway – you need to review many settings (in backgrounder, etc) to make sure Talkatone is running in background and iPod does NOT shut down WiFi. Basically we do not provide any support on jailbreak – you should poses really strong troubleshooting skills (be professional QA or at least IT manager to figure it out).

  64. Hey very cool blog!! Man Excellent Amazing I’ll bookmark your blog and take the feeds also…I am happy to find so many useful information here in the post, we need develop more techniques in this regard, thanks for sharing…..

  65. Abdul says:

    the speaker wont turn off when recieving or making an outgoing call, otherwise the app is working great for me.

    • talkatone says:


      iPod Touches do NOT have iPhone-type of speaker!!! You need the sound to come out from somewhere, right?


      1. Use Headset with built-in microphone (like the one which comes with iPhone).
      2. Use some compatible models of BlueTooth.
      3. Hold iPod by bottom side to your ear and.

  66. Vanity says:

    I have a problem… Say I’m on talkatone talking and my iPhone which is my primary phone number gets a call, it rings in my ear.. How can I stop this from happening ? I use talkatone for conference calls and that is annoying! Please help

    • talkatone says:


      Unfortunately iPhone is the phone at the first place. So nothing can stop it from ringing except switching to airplane mode (manually turning off cell connection).

  67. Jim says:

    Hi, this a an awesome app! Thanks for making it free too! However, I would like to know how to set it up to get voicemail notifications? I have Iphone 4, with IOS 4.2.1

    In Google Voice App, as soon as anyone calls me, if I dont answer it, I get missed call notification, and later a voicemail notification. But with talkatone, i have the following issues:

    a. On an incoming call, my iphone rings in regular volume even when I have the phone on vibrate mode!!!! It would be great if talkatone would only give me a vibrate alert in vibrate mode.

    b. I have no way of dismissing the incoming call or silencing it either… the only option seems to answer or let it keep ringing!

    c. After someone leves me a voicemail, I get no notification of it! I have to call voicemail and check it on my own or if I login to, I see voicemail notification there!!
    It would be great to be notified of a voicemail as soon as I get one… is there anything to be set up in talkatone for this (since GV seems to be doing it correctly)?!

    Hope you can help with these doubts! Thanks!!

    • talkatone says:


      Just tried – silence switch is honored properly on iPhone4 + iOS 5. Were actually not getting any complains about that before. Can you try to reboot iPhone? Sounds like a regular screw up of iPhone’s audio session.

      Declining calls: press screen lock (the button you would use to silence call normally) and then unlock the screen. Under iOS 4.0 and 4.1 regular way of declining call until got broken.

      Voicemails: the problem is patent covering visual voicemail. Not a big deal of getting VM notification, but handling it further IS. Patent is going to expire in a few months when we would be able to offer full implementation of voicemail.

  68. nightowl4 says:

    I see in the update description for the Talkatone version 1.2.2 11/15/11
    there is a note “(Premium only) WIFI Only mode.”

    What does that mean exactly? I use Talkatone mostly at a coffee shop where my phone is connected to their WIFI. Will the update still work for me? I didn’t update because of the note.

    • talkatone says:

      1. We never remove any existing feature.
      2. “WiFi only” is new optional setting available for Premium users only.
      All free users can continue using Talkatone as they were using it before. No changes.

      Premium users can enable this “WiFi only” mode to force Talkatone to do not use 3G data connection (if for example they know that 3G usually has poor reception and gives poor quality, so it’s better to send call straight to voicemail than ring the phone). So, Talkatone will connect to be connecting over WiFi only when this setting is turned ON (by default it’s OFF).

      • nightowl4 says:

        With the update the app will work just like it is now? When I go to the coffee shop there is no 3G. there might be a week GSM signal. There is an area in Monrovia, CA that has terrible cell signal for AT&T, Verizon and T-mobile so I use WIFI when I can there since there is nothing else. That is WIFI only but I’m understanding you to mean that Talkatone will use whatever signal I have even if it is only WIFI. The premium feature you mentioned is to tell Talkatone to just use WIFI even when there is a 3G signal.

      • talkatone says:

        Yes, the update will work just like it is working now. There are no changes in how Talkatone connects (besides new battery saving mode which we are starting to roll out to free users).

        And yes, you can “emulate” “WiFi only” mode by switching iPhone into “Airplane Mode” + turn WiFi ON. Basically this Premium feature is just convenience one telling Talkatone to behave the same way as when iPhone is in “Airplane Mode + WiFi ON”.

        Monrovia used to have not bad Sprint signal few years back as we recall :)

  69. Vanessa says:

    I really don’t know how to change my caller ID because it says somebody else name when I call them and I want to change it ‘ how can I ?

  70. Maul says:

    Hi, i have set up my Talkatone account on all my apple devices, 2 ipods 4g and 1 ipad. how ever when i have 2 of them online i never know which one will ring. I also had to set up google voice on my android celphone, so that makes too many devices using the same google voice account ( even tho apple uses talkatone and android uses groove ip ) Does it interfere with who is going to receive the call? do i need to uninstall from any device ? cuz sometimes the call just get as missed call from xxxx. it dosent even ring, and i started to wonder if its because i have it set up on too many decives. However when i MAKE a call it works on every device without a problem even if they are all online. As for now when i receive a call i need to stare at the ipod screen waiting for it to ring to be able to anwser and if any of the devices go to sleep it wont ring out loud. Its like it dosent stay running on the background, does talkatone have to ability to go over any other running app when it rings ? TY

    • talkatone says:

      Google Chat does not support “Call Forking” – e.g. it will ring only one device.

      However, out of available devices it will pick one with highest available “Xmpp Priority” (you can edit it inside account settings in Talkatone, by default it’s configured for maximum value).

  71. Ernest says:

    Hi, let me start by saying this is an awesome app!
    I just have a question … when I’m on a call in Talkatone and get a call on my iphone my call get disconnected for a minute where the person I was talking to can’t hear me, it there a setting that I can enable so I get some type a 3 way call notification? like a beep and a option to no answer.

    It will be nice to see who is calling but without getting temporary disconnect, because if I answer the call a disconnect my Talkatone call but if I were to get a beep I call place my first call on hold but after I notify them I am putting them on hold

    • talkatone says:


      iPhone is the phone in first place. So incoming cell call takes over audio completely. And cannot be held (for security reasons) by 3rd party apps (including our).

      Moreover, on Verzion and Sprint (who use CDMA) there is no 3G data and voice at the same time – so cell call will drop all data connections killing data call.

      On AT&T however after you declined/ended cell call you should be able to go back to data call.

      Note: if audio is not restored automatically please try to toggle speakerphone ON/OFF to get audio back.

  72. says:

    Hi! My settings in google voice doesn’t pull up the same menu you have there. I have a US cell phone + number but am trying to receive incoming calls for free from Canadian land/cell lines. Is that possible through Talkatone and GoogleVoice? I know I can call out to Canada with no charge but I’m wondering about incoming specifically. Thank you!

    • talkatone says:

      Google Voice due to Canadian government regulations does not offer Canadian numbers.
      So, you can receive calls from anywhere in the world using US number, however for callers outside of US such will be international call .

  73. MCox says:

    Google Chat doesn’t show up under my Voice / Phone settings, just a fowarding phone and the option to add more phones. ???

  74. julia says:

    i tried calling my friend in Canada but it did not work. Does it only work for people with talkatone??

  75. Brian says:

    Hi, I just started using your app and it’s fantastic.
    I was always told that I wouldn’t be able to use Google Voice here in Canada because I wouldn’t be eligible to receive a GV phone #. But with Talkatone somehow I’m able to use it for at least outbound calls. When did Google start allowing us lowly Canadians to participate? :-)

    I’m just curious about what’s under the hood. Does Talkatone simply bypass the “callback” part of the workflow that would normally necessitate having a GV #? Why hasn’t anyone else done this?!

    • talkatone says:

      Google Voice is (and was for a really while) partially available in Canada, e.g. for free outgoing calls to both US and Canada.

      There were some local regulations preventing Google from offering incoming calls, we aren’t sure if these Canadian laws protecting your telco monopolies got changed or not.

  76. Geen says:

    Successfully tested current pre-production version on ATT Samsung Galaxy S2. When production version will be released ?

  77. Christine says:

    Hi, I’d really like to start using this app and I’ve had many of my friends across North America download it to try it out so we can save on phone fees. I’m usually always in a WIFI zone when the majority of my calls would be made/received. However, I’m worried to actually pick up or make a call for fear that I haven’t exactly set up the app properly. Both myself and my friends have logged into talkatone using our gmail accounts. Each of us has the talkatone icon besides our google email account in the contact info list but is that sufficient to start making free calls to one another? I know this is an extremely basic question but any help or feedback would be greatly appreciated!!

    • talkatone says:


      Yes, calls to Google and Facebook friends who also use Talkatone are free world wide.
      Also, outgoing calls to regular phone numbers in U.S. and Canada are free as well (incoming calls from regular phone numbers are available for US users only).

  78. Steve F says:

    Love the possibilities with GV and Talkatone. I didn’t see this answered above, though I breezed through the posts pretty quickly…I can use all of my devices (iTouch, Droid X, Acer Iconia Tab A200) to make calls, but only the iTouch will ring when my GV number is called. Any help?

    Also, I don’t seem to understand how to make a call from my computer, it rings my iTouch and then makes the call. I’d like to call from the computer with a headset. Not your product, but many you know the answer?

    Thanks again, really impressed with your product.

    • talkatone says:


      1. Incoming calls: Google Chat we connect to does not support so called “Call Forking”, e.g. it will ring only one connected device at the time. We are planning to add “call forking” between different devices with Talkatone by ourselves – e.g. we will be able to split call and ring all talkatones connected to same account (at least initially it will be Premium feature).

      2. Making call from computer. Sounds like you are trying to make call from Google Voice. Rather than making call from Google Voice make a call from‘s “Call Phone” feature of chat, than call will be initiated from browser directly.

      • Anthony says:

        Could you please advise when will your plan to to add “call forking” feature on the iPhone be materialized? Thanks.

  79. Ellie says:

    I just want to confirm, if I have call forwarding to my talkatone through google voice (like when someone calls my google voice number and my talkatone picks it up when I’m talking to them, is it free? No using my minutes? Thank you!

    • talkatone says:


      Yes, when Talkatone gets call – it’s over data.

      However, there is one common mistake: some users setup forwarding to both “Google Chat” and direct mobile number. And in this case very often cell call to mobile number takes over data call and uses the minutes.

      We STRONGLY recommend to prevent using any minutes to keep only forwarding to “Google Chat” and disable any other options.

  80. LeGrand says:

    I love this service! My wife and I use it to save a bundle and it works great. Thank you for your work

  81. Darren says:

    I have an unlocked, jailed 4s. I set up the app according to the instructions. I live in new York, but I am currently overseas. I can totally call any number in the US with clarity as if I were back home and no lag whatsoever. On incoming calls, I get prompts that there is a call. Wen I push accept, I get nothing and it is as if the screen freezes. I cannot open the speakerphone nor the keypad. The call goes then to voicemail. So far, all the test calls that I have been having have been while the phone is open and while in the app itself. I read above about pressing the number 1 on the keypad to get the call to work but can’t even do that. Please advise

    • talkatone says:


      Please go to Settings tab in Talkatone, tap “Google Voice” and try to switch “Listen In” ON.

      In this mode Talkatone after answering call should show you dialpad where you need to tap “1″ to accept or “2″ to reject.

  82. Olivier says:

    Talkatone is a great app but i would like to know a general time when push notifications are going to be available

  83. kristine says:

    Hi, sorry if this was addressed already but with incoming calls my ipod touch doesn’t ring and the Google application picks up asking for my PIN and if I would like to check my messages. Thanks!

  84. says:

    I only receive a call if i’m running the talkatone app, otherwise it rings and goes to voicemail. I have an iPhone 3g if that matters

    • talkatone says:

      iPhone 3G does not support multitasking unlike newer devices, so incoming calls will arrive only if Talkatone is open in foreground.

      On newer devices Talkatone can remain running and receive calls in background.

  85. Kaibo says:

    Hi, great app first. Loved it! But I cant receive calls, it goes straight to google voice mail. Is there any solution to that?

  86. Scott says:

    Does this work with Ipod Touch 4th gen?

  87. apple says:

    Hi, why are my minutes being used when I’m receiving phone calls? My talkatone is still running, and signed in properly. Does this only work(not use your minutes) when making outgoing calls only?

  88. ollie says:

    I’ve recently setup Talkatone on my Android phone. I do have Google Voice credit. I was wondering how I would dial international numbers from my phone (USA). Can I just dial 011-….? Or do I have to dial my Google Voice number first, then press 2 to make a call, then punch in the 011….number? Thanks!

  89. David Pass says:

    My problem is similar to Betsy E., and I’m confused because most of the info here seems to refer to use with iphone, and I’m not sure if it applies to Android. I’m new to Android and smartphones as well as Talkatone, so please be patient! I am able to make calls using Talkatone, but incoming calls go straight to my phone, skipping Talkatone. I have not set up a separate number in Google voice, do I have to in order for incoming calls to go to Talkatone? I’m not interested in chat or voice mail, just call and receive calls. Can you help?

  90. Hi says:

    does this work on ios 6 (itouch 5G)

  91. tyy says:

    Every time I try to set up a google voice account using a new number I am still prompted to add forwarding number before I can continue in which it has to be called and verified. I do not have a number for incoming calls to be forwarded to nor can I change the option seeing how I am trying to set up a account just to receive incoming calls to talktone app

  92. bryan says:

    my talkatone on my Galaxy s3 is great, but when I receive a call it rings through talkatone and if I don’t answer it then starts ringing regularly as well. so it’s like ringing twice. How do I fix this? I’m also getting texts through talkatone and regularly so double texts too.

    Please help!

  93. Every time I receive a call the phone I used to set it up with rings as well as my iPod which is the device I use talkatone on.please help

  94. riycou says:

    Talkatone 2.1 keeps crashing on ios 6.1.2 iPhone 4 open it up and it crashes constantly and i rebooted and still crashes.

  95. ChrisN says:

    I really like Talkatone, but I feel uncomfortable that it constantly runs in the background. Would it hurt my mobile device, especially in the long run? I was contemplating to uninstall it because of that, and install at later time when I’ll be heavily using it.

    • talkatone says:


      1. App would not hurt your phone running in background. There are always some processes from operating system itself which always do something in background (on both iOS and Android).

      2. You can just terminate the call using multitasking on iOS: (on Android Sing Out from Talkatone menu).

  96. talkatone says:

    We do hear your concerns. If you want to use Talkatone, but have issues with setup don’t hesitate to contact our customer support. We’ll be happy to help you.

    As you might know Talkatone uses Google Voice channel to make and receive unlimited free calls and texts to phone numbers via Internet connection. Google Voice is fully available in US only, with partial availability in Canada.

    Talkatone also allows you to call and text with your google talk friends. In this case calls only work if your friends have voice-capable devices/apps such as Talkatone.

    We’ve been helping our users for about 6 months now and watched how they setup their Google Accounts and what problems they might have. It usually takes up to 5 mins to get a fully working solution. There is no magic. If you are in US, have iOS 4 compatible device, made test call from google chat, signed out from chat widget in your browser, setup call and sms forwarding in google voice it should just work, both incoming and outbound calls and texts.

    We strongly believe (and our tests prove it) that on the road or in the areas with weak cellular reception Talkatone provides the best solution for users.
    Here’s what Talkatone does:
    - absolutely free unconditionally unlimited calls and texts to any US phone number or gtalk friend. Neither Skype, nor TextFree with Voice do that for their users.
    - voice compression which dramatically reduces bandwidth and improves call quality. Skype is pretty good here, but their bandwidth usage is higher. That’s why it doesn’t work well in weak WiFi networks and most 3G networks.
    - phone interface, local address book and google contacts. None of VoIP providers care about universal address book at this point, we do.
    - best customer support among all VoIP companies. 99% of requests are responded within a couple of hours.

    We do not spam our users, don’t ask them to earn points, don’t restrict them to use certain channels.

    We do encourage all people to try various solutions and pick the best. And we’ll keep working hard to earn love and respect of our users.

  97. Gregory says:

    When I activate voice compression on Talkatone from my iphone 4, both incoming and outgoing calls can never be through if forwarded to Goolge Chat. So I have to use “no compression” option. Is there any workaround to use comrepssion option?

  98. BachPhi says:

    You stated ” There is no magic. If you are in US, have iOS 4 compatible device, …” BUT.. I can not use it since I have Iphone 3G running IOS4.2.1

  99. Betsy E says:

    You have my love and respect! I’ve gotten my kids in college to download your amazing app. Your customer service is sterling and unparalleled in any place I’ve ever seen!
    I do have a question… my son is using your android app on a Samsung Galaxy phone. When I call his Google number, his cell minutes are being used. How can he ensure the incoming call is being answered by Talkatone and not his cell/data plan (limited calls/unlimited free data)

  100. talkatone says:


    Please try to uninstall the app, reboot iPhone and re-install it again from AppStore.

  101. talkatone says:

    As of current version we discontinued support of iPhone3G and iPod Touch 2nd generation which been out of manufacturer’s support for over a year at this time.

  102. talkatone says:

    You need to make sure forwarding of calls to Google Chat is enabled and forwarding to direct mobile number is disabled on this settings page:


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