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Exactly 3 weeks ago we introduced a completely redesigned Talkatone and made it available for everyone. Along with a new more standard looking UI came support for multiple Google accounts available as part of the Talkatone Premium Services.

Talkatone Premium Services are targeted for professional users and include:

  • Support for multiple Google accounts, thus giving people multiple phone lines in one app,
  • Per-contact personalization,
  • Ad-free,
  • Priority Customer Service (guaranted response within 24 hours).

The price for premium services is $2/month. We honor longevity and give 2 months for free when an annual subscription is bought, the price for 12 months is $20. We believe it’s a fair price for a professional service which is often reimbursed by employer.

Is this a monetization model for Talkatone down the road? Today, we definitely see subscriptions as one of the key contributors in our future revenue model. Long story short – subscription model does work, but we will need to scale it.

Why subscriptions? Why did we choose to introduce a subscription model instead of just charging for a pro-app? In our vision Talkatone should provide a free way to communicate using any mobile data connection. It should not cut away essential features. We created a free app for our friends and we want it to stay free. We plan to make money by offering additional services to people who need them.

Many of our users, us included, started to use Talkatone professionally and asked for a multi-account support, customization, etc. They started to see Talkatone as a tool which may provide an inexpensive phone service for their professional needs. Responding to this request we decided to rework Talkatone’s core to support multiple accounts. We also began to work on voice quality improvement layer (note: it will be optional, opt-in feature). Customer service had to be reorganized in order to provide guaranteed fast support.

Pricing services is always tricky. We could charge $20-$30 upfront for an app with extra features which might not be needed next month. We would be insanely rich by now :), but it would not make our users happy. Instead, Talkatone is providing people inexpensive services only when they need them, we respect freedom of choice.

Does it work? Talkatone is a very young startup. Our goal was to try and prove ourselves that a premium subscription is a potential way to pay for the show.

So far, almost 750 users subscribed for Premium Services, 25% of subscribers purchased annual subscription.

What’s next? Our team envisions Talkatone as a preferred method for free mobile communication using various channels. We are committed to give you a free tool which takes care of most of your communication needs, definitely more than just plain calls and text. While constantly improving free Talkatone, we’ll be extending Premium Services to respond to various demands.

Certain features initially will be offered as part of Premium Services before making it into a free product. It gives us an ability to scale them in a controlled environment.

From time to time we grant Premium Subscriptions to those who help us to grow, provide great feedback and help us to improve Talkatone.

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19 Responses to Talkatone Premium Services

  1. Michael Lee says:

    I live in Canada, and I’d use your product probably more in the US than Canada because of the high cost of our Canadian cell phones on a per minute basis when roaming. So, what do you suggest is best, a Canadian phone number, or a US phone number?


    Michael Lee
    Kelowna, BC

    • talkatone says:


      Just to make it simple: full Google Voice is not available in Canada (outbound-only calling and no Canadian phone numbers yet).
      So, there is only one option left and no need to think between two.

      • Michael Lee says:

        Many thanks for this reply. The reason I’d like a phone number is for others, not yet on Talkatone, to call me on that number from their landline, or whatever. And from what I think I’m seeing, that is a rational way to do this. Is this correct thinking?

      • talkatone says:


        Yes, however, as we said, you cannot get Canadian phone number.

        And once more: Premium is not needed for this. You can receive calls even without Premium.

  2. Michael Lee says:

    Sorry to come back again, but just to clarify; I won’t get a Canadian number, but a US number, so people not on Talkatone or Google Voice can call that number and reach me. Right now Talkatone uses a phone number in California when calling out, and that number doesn’t work calling in, and so those not sophisticated must use a US Talkatone phone number that I’d get with Premium. So that’s what I’m looking at doing with your Premium service, getting a US number, and then those folks can call me on it. I have other US numbers that I use, such as MagicJack, but for other purposes.

    I hope this clarifies what I’m doing and why.


    • talkatone says:


      Yes, this is partiallycorrect:

      1. Canadian users cannot register Full Google Voice and therefore cannot pick their own phone number.
      2. If user haven’t picked their own phone number (all Canada’s users fall into this category by default) Google will show this 760-number (one for all) as caller ID. Obviously, you cannot get incoming calls on this number
      3. Users from U.S. can register their Google Voice number for free (No Need to have Premium for this!). Here are the instructions.
      4. Even if you had bought Premium we cannot perform registration on your behalf. In order for us to do so we need to have “Power of Attorney” privilege to accept legal agreement on your behalf (and this would cost different money for sure in addition to going to Public Notary)
      5. .

      That said, yes, we understand what you are trying to achieve, however, you can only pick U.S. phone number (when you visit U.S. next time) and do this absolutely for free.
      Unfortunately, there is no way to pick Canadian phone number at this time yet.

  3. Junjun d mislang says:

    Where can i get my personal talkatone google voice number?

  4. What exactly do you guys mean by “multiple accounts?” Will I be able to set up more than one number to be forwarded to my cellphone? Isnt that the point? How else do multiple accounts work?

    Google Voice will only allow me to set up one phone number for my cellphone. If I set up another account and create an additional number, it will not allow me to use the same number.

    How does your multiple accounts feature work?

    • talkatone says:

      It allows you to login to multiple Google Voice accounts simultaneously and receive calls from them as well as choose which account you want to use for outgoing calls.

  5. Wen says:

    i have iphone 4 s and new ipad both have Talkatone app registered with same Gmail voice phone number. With google chat setting, i was expecting both devices receiving rings when I was testing an incoming call to them. Is that what it supposed to be?

    • talkatone says:

      Normally Google does not support “forking” of calls through Google Chat.

      However, we implemented it by ourselves among all Talkatone devices connected to the same account. It is major new feature of the next update (1.5) which is stuck in Apple’s reviews/rejections for over a month (being tired waiting for Apple we already released it for Android a while ago).

  6. rana says:

    everytime i make a call from talkatone it gives me your call can’t be completed please try again later can i know what the reason please.

  7. Shauna Tate says:

    I’m getting spooky service. The voices break up occasionally. Would signing up for the premium service stop this?

  8. bob says:

    I love this app it works perfectly for virgin mobile on my lg.. for some reason Virgin Mobile does not allow you to sync your phone with Google Voice via the Google Voice app .. however this app works great. it’s a good choice for people that have prepaid phones such as Virgin Mobile that way you don’t use your minutes..



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