Talkatone is updated – custom ringtones and improved audio

Since we launched our feedback forum on Uservoice we got a bunch of product ideas. Some of them are big and require a lot of time to implement. Others can be done fairly quickly along with planned updates.
Talkatone v0.9.7.2 brings you call improvements, custom tunes and user interaction enhancements.

Call audio improvements

We constantly work on call audio improvements. Audio over 3G connection was always a week spot and users often noticed choppines.

We made another big step forward with Talkatone v0.9.7.2. With “Standard Audio Compression” we significantly reduced and in many cases simply eliminated “choppy” audio on upstream over poor networks. We also deployed additional voice transcoding serves to East and West costs of US to be closer to end-users and improve call quality when compression is enabled.

Custom ringtones

One of the product features users asked a lot was custom tones for calls and messages. In Talkatone v0.9.7.2 users can upload their ringtones via iTunes and set them as a message or call tones. We made a step further and added an ability to customize tones per contant in free version.

Talkatone supports the following audio files: MP3, WAV, MP4, M4A.

  • Connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to your computer and open iTunes. Select your device in the left hand column.
  • Click the Apps tab and check ‘Sync Apps’.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page to find File Sharing section. Talkatone app should be listed in Apps column.
  • Select Talkatone app, then click on ‘Add’ button, locate the audio file you want to copy from your computer, and click Choose. The selected file will be copied to the app on your iOS device immediately.

Please check this document about About iOS File Sharing.

After you upload a custom ringtone you can set it as tone for incoming calls and/or messages.

Ex. if you want to change a default tone for incoming all calls go to Settings->Notifications and Sounds, then tap on Ring Tone under Incoming Sounds.

Your custom ringtone will be available under Available Custom Tones. Select this tone to convert it into internal Talkatone format. After conversion it’ll be automatically set as a tone for all incoming calls.

All custom ringtones are truncated at 30secs when converted into internal Talkatone format. Short tones usually works better for messages than long ones

What else?

We are active users of Talkatone ourselves. There are many areas where little improvements can make a big difference. Among them are Contacts and Favorites lists. We added a few settings which help to tune these areas. Check Settings tab for available options under “Contacts List” and “Favorites List”. You may enable and disable search bar on Favorites or change the sort order on Contacts.
And don’t forget to check Miscellaneous settings where you can find a bunch of little settings to make your user experience better.

As you noticed the main theme of the Talkatone v0.9.7.2 update is customer feedback. We really appreciate when our users share ideas with us. You help to make Talkatone better. Don’t hesitate to tell us how can we improve Talkatone or vote on existing ideas. Use our Forum on Uservoice.

Don’t forget to update to Talkatone v0.9.7.2.

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10 Responses to Talkatone is updated – custom ringtones and improved audio

  1. Shawn says:

    there’s also an awesome free app that will let you make custom ringtones. found it the other day —

    it worked really well and was super easy to use!

  2. Ime says:

    I can’t put my custom Ringtones. Every time I want to put a song out of my computer, itunes reports that the program is not working and that needs to close. any help?

  3. alevinia says:

    I updated my device to Iso 6 and the custom ringtone only work when I open up the application. Otherwise there is only a “Ding”. But the default ringtone works well. Any comments? And then, does talkatone has to work at background all the time for accepting incoming calls?

  4. When will it be fixed?! I would like a custom ringtone. However, whenever I add them to talkaton under file sharing, they do not appear in the app under Custom Ringtones.

  5. Lame App User says:

    Is Talkatone not going to fix this issue that Apple broke? Come on man!!

  6. robyn says:

    I don’t care if its custom or not, I just need the calls to my GV number to have a different ring than calls to my regular mobile number. I have things set exactly as above so the phone should ring the ‘Old Phone’ ringtone when someone is calling my GV number… but instead my phone’s default ringtone is used, as if the phone’s native settings are overriding the ones I set in Talkatone. Can I fix this so calls to my GV number ring the ringtone set in Talkatone? Please help!!

    • talkatone says:

      iOS does not let any 3rd party developer to play ringtones which come with the device. Android does allow it and there we can play “native” ringtones.


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