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When we launched Talkatone almost a year ago it was viewed as a social phone. A product which allows you to have all your friends on one mobile device, call and text them, share photos.

Since the very first release back in November 2010 we’ve seen phenomenal initial growth and received tons of positive feedback from our users. Today I’m proud to announce that the final block of our early concept is here. You can share photos with your friends in Talkatone.New Talkatone photo sharing will a be like a good old friend for those who ever shared media from other apps. Tap on the Camera icon on the Texting screen and you’ll have a choice to take a new photo or us an existing one. As soon as you done with photo selection type a message or simply tap on the Send button. Your photo will be shared with your friend.

Talkatone allows you to share photos with all types of contacts. If your friend also uses Talkatone the photo will be received and displayed on the Texting screen right away. If you sent a text message to a friend who does not use Talkatone yet the link to your photo will be delivered as part of a text message.

Photo sharing is completely free. Share photos with your friends worldwide and receive photo messages from them if they have Talkatone.

Quality of the Talkatone is very important for us. We always look for ways to improve. In most cases improvements are influenced by our users. One of the biggest problems for many users, especially for those who have multiple Google accounts, was short battery life when Talkatone is running in background. With the introduction of the Facebook integration the problem became even bigger.

Back in March 2011 we’ve launched audio compression which helped to improve audio quality by using Talkatone audio servers. Today we introduce the Battery Saving mode. In a nutshell, when the Talkatone app is in the Battery Saving mode all network connections are multiplexed into one connection between the Talkatone app and the Talkatone server. Thus, when in background, the Talkatone uses much less resources and processing time. The Talkatone server also pre-processes all updates, batches them if necessary and reduces the size of the data if possible. Having said that all updates are still delivered as soon as they come. Nothing is “lost in transition”.

You privacy is very important to us. We make sure all communication channels between Talkatone app and Talkatone servers are secured. The account data never gets passed in plain text. In order to avoid the possibility of a privacy accident we DO NOT persist account data on a server-side like many other apps. Only your mobile device has it.

Initially Battery Saving mode will be available for premium users, those who suffer from the problem most. This feature is OPT IN. As soon as we gather enough server capacity across the globe this feature will be available for all users.

Stay tuned for more updates. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Danis Dayanov,

CEO, Talkatone

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  1. juna says:

    This is kind of out of the topic, but I have some issues.

    I set up my custom ringtone recently following the steps shown on your Talkatone blog. It plays fine, and it’s there. But when I lock my iPod or am not opened up to Talkatone, it uses the Tritone sounds instead of my custom ringtone. I checked my settings on Talkatone and made sure my custom ringtone was checked, and it was. But I found out that when I have my Talkatone app open, and an incoming call is up, it uses my custom ringtone. Is there any way to make Talkatone use my custom ringtone on incoming calls when my iPod is off/locked, or not opened to Talkatone?


    • talkatone says:


      Sometimes iOS fails to index folder with custom ringtones. Installing of any updates forces iOS to rescan this internal folder and ringtones will become playable.

      E.g. please wait until the next update which will force iOS to fix the problem.

  2. Anuradha Shastry says:

    Very simply, I wanted to thank you for such a wonderful app!! I discovered Talkatone in sept 2011 when i was in the US to drop my daughter off at college. I have loved it since then!!
    I was looking for a way to talk to my daughter without using a PSTN especially over long distance from India. it works like a charm everytime and i have been able to solve any problems I have faced.
    i am somewhere inbetween a computer novice and a techie geek — still working through the incoming!! of course, as long i can call my daughter and she has my GV number on her A list, i am happy.

    thanks once again for such a great app – and free !!


  3. Jubair says:

    I have been looking for a way to replace skype with google voice for our office phone system. (skype on macs have all sorts of audio driver issues, and a whole bunch of other bugs) anyway point is, as a mac user, the only way to use google voice on my desktop is via a web browser or via a webpage wrapper application (like Fluid) since Google doesn’t seem to care about creating a standalone Google Chat client (like the one for windows, which supports calls via google voice). So you guys have an iOS version of the exact app that I would love to see on OS X. Do you guys have any plans on releasing an OS X app? if not, maybe I can get some technical details/direction on how to work with Google voice to create my own?

    • talkatone says:


      Despite the fact that our iOS version can be compiled for i386 (to run under simulator), Mac version would require significant UI changes and we do not have immediate plans on releasing it.

      We need to finish some other platforms first (namely Android).

      • Jubair says:

        yea UI and related logic does need to be completely re-done going from iOS to OSX.. Hopefully you guys wrap up Android and get a chance to start on the OSX version of it? maybe? :P

        If I were to start on an OS X client (even if it’s super basic for my needs until you guys get the full app going, or continue building on it if you guys decide not to), do you know any resources I can start with? figured I would ask here before doing the research heh..

      • talkatone says:


        If you never did any voice apps (for any platform) – it would be the challenge to get through all these RFCs to get it right (networking-firewall tunneling/ICE, audio streaming/RTP, encoding, signaling, SDP etc). Yes, some pieces of it are available here and there, thought it’s untrivial task to put them altogether.

        What you can do though is to write Max OS UI and we can consider some sort of licensing of our voice library which can be compiled for mac.

      • Jubair says:

        Oh the later sounds like a better plan! No point in re-inventing the wheel heh, not to mention my lack of experience in developing VoIP apps would set me back a lot farther than you guys who are already successful in this area.

        Is there a better way to communicate with you guys? i.e. do I submit a contact request via the contact form? let me know (you should also be able to see my email address as an admin here), thanks!

      • Ciut says:

        Jazzina, если уже пришло обновление от HTC до версии 2.2, то можно переключить язык именно голосового ввода: Menu -> Settings -> Voice input & output -> Voice reocingzer settings

  4. lala says:

    Are you developing an app for the android? When will it be release? I’ve been waithing a long time for this to happen.

  5. Nancy says:

    Tickled to death with TALK A TONE.

    No complaints what so ever!

    Thank you so much!!!!!!



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