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  1. michael says:


    This is just a suggestion and not a complaint. I am very happy with your talkatone app and hope you get a lot of people using it and it becomes even more popular. As far as I’m concerned you did a great job and I would be happy if the app never changed and my suggestion is only for the future: Since your app relies on Gmail, why not add video calling? I know that may not be easily done but maybe you can make it work in combination with the FaceTime app? Just a suggestion for further research and development.

    Good Luck and Thanks!


  2. talkatone says:


    Just because we need to make video calling right.

    There is very limited documentation in iOS dev SDK [somebody can call this as "no documentation at all"] about how to get realtime Video access and capture and provide “lip-sync” between audio and video.

    • michael says:

      As far as I am concerned, this app doesn’t need anything more. The video calling was only a suggestion if you wanted to try for it.

      But you might want to download an app called ftfun and see if you can pick it apart and see how they do it. Again, that’s if you want to. Also, the Yahoo messenger app provides video calling. I’m quite happy with talkatone as it is, though. The sound quality of talkatone is better than my cell phone. People can finally hear me without asking me to repeat myself 3 times.

      • talkatone says:


        Thank you for good words!
        We prefer to do not reverse engineer somebody else’s software, but do it ourselves.
        Piracy != Good

  3. Richard says:

    What would really make this a more powerful app is if you could convince Google to allow custom configuration of ring delays. That is the best hook for Line2 — it rings your voip line first and then your cell line if your voip line doesn’t pick up or is unavailable. If I could adjust my cell phone settings in GV to ring only from the third ring on, I could pick up within Talkatone and not have to worry about switching GV phone numbers when I leave wifi and go mobile. So talk to GV and see if they’ll work with you on that. Otherwise this is a neat app.

  4. says:

    I have not tried the calling part of the app yet. But I did notice that only 5 out of my 24 contacts from google contacts are showing up. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong. They all show up fine on the iphone when pulled from googles servers. Thanks.

    • djphatjive says:

      I may have answered my own question. Are the people listed the only ones that have a google talk account?

      • talkatone says:

        Yes, you are right.
        We do show Google Talk friends. However, you can “friend” phones (from GV dialpad) or access your iDevice address book.

  5. Andrew says:

    This application is marvelous!!! A very big thank you to everyone at Talkatone for your hard work!

    After weeks of messing around with an old jailbroken 3G and using different SIP apps (Acrobits, Fring, Bria) and Google Voice specific apps (GV Mobile+, GV Connect, VoiceCentral’s Black Swan) I finally found the answer with Talkatone! No need to forward anything to my SIP accounts at all! All I needed to do on the iPhone 3G was jailbreak it and run Backgrounder from the Cydia store to make sure Talkatone was always running as if it was in the foreground. I use Insomnia as well to keep WiFi active when the phone goes to sleep. Version 0.9.3 is working pretty great and I’m excited to see what you guys roll out next.

    Ok, enough praise, time for the criticisms–

    1.) 3G quality. I know you talked about this. But is there ANY workaround you guys could do on your end? It is constantly choppy and lagging. Maybe run the audio through a preprocessing/compressing codec when 3G is detected? Or would GV’s codecs just defeat that?

    2.) Contacts! Probably the most frustrating thing for me personally right now on Talkatone. I have all my contacts synced between my Address Book and GMail. And all those contacts on my iPhone synced with Gmail. All I want to do is have the phone numbers which are all saved in my Gmail contacts available at a touch. At the moment only GTalk contacts are avaialble by default and it is quite annoying seeing all my contacts who have Gmail accounts themselves loaded into the Buddies group (which gets quite big). I want to be able to add my Gmail or Address Book/iPhone contacts to the list and not have to do that one by one or manually. I also want to customize my contacts list beyond All, Online, and Recent. I know I can select them when I’m calling from the “Address Book” tab in the upper right-hand corner, but when I click the number in the individual contact it dials them straight away, and I have no opportunity to save them to my list of contacts in Talkatone (thus the annoying need to add them manually). Can you create some sort of favorites tab? Or better yet just enable the ability to integrate all your contacts already in the iPhone to the main list of Talkatone? That would be AMAZING and solve all that frustration!

    3.) Aesthetics. The app is great, but visually it is pretty poor. I know you’ve heard it before. Personally, the UI isn’t so bad for me besides the above point, but you really need to clean up your logo/icon! The telephone shape is pixelated and the logotype and colors just aren’t that classy. You have an amazing app and the design/presentation should reflect that. I’d be happy to do some design work for you guys for free and help out with a new graphic and icon! Just let me know.

    Sorry for the long post! Again, great work, can’t wait until the next release!

  6. Tim Lee says:

    Any plans to port this over to Windows Mobile 7?

  7. Smitha says:


    I recently got the talkatone ap for my I phone 4 and at first it worked perfectly but now some of my msgs are being dropped. What should I do?



    • talkatone says:


      Sometimes Google clouds get “bumpy”.
      Please try to reconnect, e.g. change status to “offline” and then back to “online”. This will force you reconnect to different server in Google’s cloud which may work better.

  8. Devon says:

    Hi, I have a question about google talk. I noticed that google talk works in the gmail interface only when I am in the United States. Will the google talk voice call functionality work via Talkatone when I am in Mexico?


      • Richard says:

        I could be wrong, but I don’t believe Google Talk can be used for voice calls when you have an IP address outside of the USA. Our daughter was in Kazakhstan a few weeks back and could not access the voice functionality.

      • talkatone says:


        Well yes. Some networks may block VOIP services. And Kazakhstan may have very weak network peering with US backbone. All this normal stuff applies.
        However, for example people from Moscow and Yekaterinburg and later is not far away from Kazakhstan border were able to make/receive calls to U.S.. Also we have reports that people in China, Hong Kong can make calls with no problems (and surprisingly even over 3G connection – probably they have gotten local SIM cards). And of course Europe, Australia, Japan etc have pretty good networks too! Users is Mexico and Caribbean report little bit mixed results depending on how fast their network was in their hotel – some still have dial-up speeds in some hotels, but mostly connection is pretty good.

  9. Yang Wang says:

    The app works well on my iphone. However, the contact feature should be improved. Right now I only get the contacts on my Gmail chat list. Why not just using the contacts from the iPhone? I read the customers comments on the updated version of the app, and there are many complaints about this. Any plan to allow it?

    • talkatone says:


      1. Please make sure you are running latest version. There was an update on March 2nd.
      2. On Settings tab there is “Copy Address Book” button which brings your iPhone contacts.

      • Preston Nguyen says:

        Did not see “Copy Address Book” but instead i saw “Copy Address Book Avatar”. This does not help at all

      • talkatone says:

        Did not help in what?

      • Preston Nguyen says:

        I tried to copy my iPhone 4 contacts list to Talkatone. Quote “On Settings tab there is Copy Address Book button which brings your iPhone contacts”. However, i could only see “Copy Address Book Avatars”. How could i copy my address book from my idevice to Talkatone? (Talkatone version 1.3). Thanks.

      • talkatone says:


        As of 0.9.7 (or something like that), Talkatone reads address book from the device automatically upon start.

        Sometimes this process may fail if address book is locked by another app. Can you try to reboot your iPhone?

  10. yuusharo says:

    Invisibility support is great, but broken in If start the app while already “invisible” in gmail, I will remain invisible. If I switch to online, in app or in gmail, I’m online no problem. However, when I switch back to invisible, in app or in gmail, talkatone will refuse to go back to invisible and gmail will let me know that something I’m currently using doesn’t support invisible (like the last version did). The only way to fix it is to close the app in the recent tray (double click home button). When I restart the app, I will then appear briefly online in gmail for half a second then kick back to invisible.

    Keep in mind, I’m using 2-step authentication and have logged into Talkatone using an application-specific password, not my actual gmail password.

    Also, the changes to the local contacts feature is a *major* pain. It only copies entries, not synchronizing them. So, if I change a contact on my phone and recopy them into talkatone, I now have both the old and the new information piled up. Deleted contacts or phone numbers are also not removed.

    There needs to be an option that automatically synchronizes your local contacts with talkatone, removing outdated information or deleted information on startup/resume or something, assuming it doesn’t take too many resources to do.

    Another idea would be to go back to the standard Contacts API for local numbers, then using the Google contacts information on Google’s end to resolve phone numbers in the user’s history list. I would assume most Google Voice users like myself already sync their phone with Google anyway, so the two lists should be identical.

    I’m not an iOS developer, but there must be a better way of handling contacts than currently implemented. If not for the invisibility support, I would have downgraded weeks ago.

    • talkatone says:

      Yes, we are aware of some timing issues with Invisibility support. We will address them.

      Contacts – working on solution where we read/write directly to address book eliminating need to copy them over.

      • Jose says:

        I have just turned off the contact copy option. I never take the time to read blogs like this, but if I didn’t I was about to remove talkatone from my device. I really hope my contacts will no longer be changed from what I initially set it up to be. I’m a developer, but not for iphone…. I’m sure you guys problem to resolve this must be limited API info because the logic seems to be simple. ….great job overall!!!!

      • talkatone says:


        Not sure which contacts copy option you are referring to.
        We had model where you had to copy contacts for brief period of time, but it’s long time gone – modern version read/write contacts straight from address book.

  11. Xree says:

    1 for improved contact sync. Looks like current implementation has a bug, in addition to limitations – at least one of my Talkatone contacts includes a combination of information from two different coworkers, who appear correctly in gmail and in iPhone contacts. Also, it would be nice to see more convenient access to login/logout.

    Promising app, though – keep up the good work.

    • talkatone says:


      Yes, we are finishing up on reading contacts directly from address book. It should simplify things and do not combine 2 address book contacts into one.

  12. Laura says:

    Sorry but how do I add contacts? Everytime I try it cuts me out of the app and it didn’t even add the contact.

    • talkatone says:


      Apologize for crash.
      To work around this crash you may want to add contact in native Contacts app on your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad – Talkatone will detect new contact and show it to you.

    • says:

      I finally figured that out. I went to the phone pad, dialed the number I wanted to add. Then I clicked on the +silhouette at the bottom left, and it walked me through adding the person. I had to log out and then log back in to make it work. I must admit I also added her to my gmail contact list. So not sure which one worked, but I would guess it was the first one. Good luck

  13. Rex says:

    Need someone to fix talkatone!
    Talkatone perhaps is the best google chat app for iPhone out there. I appreciate the ability of “push” that makes me engaged to a chat, like texting almost. I’ve been using it to talk to my girlfriend in Korea. However the most recently update on app store has made it crashing instantly. PLEASE HELP! I’m dying not being able to use it..

    • talkatone says:


      The problem is with migration of some history items, so basically there are 2 options:

      1. Wait for a week for Apple to approve the fix.
      2. Uninstall and reinstall current app store version. This would work 100%.

  14. Adriana says:

    why can’t people hear me when I use talkatone on my ipod4 do I need a handsfree or bluetooth help

    • talkatone says:


      Please try 2 things:
      1. Reboot your iPod Touch (very often reboot helps to restore audio functionality).
      2. If reboot didn’t help please go to “Settings” tab in Talkatone, tap “Call Quality” and turn “QoS” OFF.

  15. Avinash says:

    Cannot Access Talk tone when i have activated step 2 Verifikation for g Mail

  16. Danny says:

    Is there a limit to how long you can call for on the ipod touch ?

    • talkatone says:

      There is no limit for calls through Google Chat between audio compatible clients e.g. Talkaton-to-Talkatone (to Google Chat friends) or Talkatone-to-Gmail.

      We had heard that calls through Google Voice (e.g. to real phone numbers) may get terminated after 2-2.5hours of continuos talk time (probably Google cannot reliably determine if call is just “hanging out” and needs to do periodic cleanup).

  17. D Patel says:

    About 2 days now try to call on friend number phone cut off after one ring..doesn’t connect any more. Any problem with google voice..

    • talkatone says:

      Dear people from UK, India, Singapore and other countries where Google Voice is NOT available.
      You had used Google’s service by somehow bypassing Google’s restrictions (it’s known that they had exposed it by mistake some time ago to geographies where it was NOT supposed to be available).

      Please don’t cry out loud when Google fixes their mistake and deactivates accounts which were not supposed to be activated at the first place.

      Disclaimer: Calls to/from regular phones require activated Google Voice account which is available for U.S. and partially Canada users and require activation of both outbound and inbound calls.

  18. mark says:

    Is Talkatone free for me if I call a cell phone or landline phone that does not have Talkatone? I live in the U.S. and I’m using a Ipod touch 4.

  19. Jay Shah says:

    Hey is this talkatone free…. I just got my new ipod touch and downloaded this app. Can i call any cellphone or any phone in US for free… and if I am calling anyone outside the US i can call with a calling card or something…


    • talkatone says:


      You can call any number in US as long as you had performed activation.

      Calls to international pone numbers require using Google Voice credits

      You can call your Facebook and Google friends who also use Talkatone for free world-wide (tap Google or Facebook ID instead of phone number to make the call).

      • Jay Shah says:

        Sorry sir didnt quite understood it… What activation do you mean sir… I already signed in to my account in my ipod touch and I am using it so if I call in USA anywhere and how much I talk its just free right.

      • talkatone says:

        Yes, it’s free then to call US and Canada.

  20. Sean Frye says:

    This app is entirely useless for me. I can’t make any calls at all. When I try to make a call, the app will attempt to connect for about a second (“Routing Call” and “Waiting for Answer”), and then just goes back to the homescreen. No connections, ever. Ridiculous.

  21. Bob Wicker says:

    Hi I have a iPhone 4 running iOS 5.0.1 every call I place is cut off after the first ring. I thought it might be my setup but my account works fine with android phone app Goove. So what can I be doing wrong? Thanks

    • talkatone says:


      Please go to Settings tab in Talkatone, tap “Google Voice” and make sure correct home country code is selected.

      Alternatively you may dial “global” number, e.g. + country code etc. (to dial plus tap-and-hold 0 key on keyboard).

  22. JEZI says:


  23. Danee says:

    How can you import gmail contacts? I have my entire contact list in my gmail account, but talkatone only shows one email under gmail contacts. I’ve searched and can’t find a solution. I read that it’s supposed to automatically import gmail contacts but it doesn’t.

  24. Frank Cantafio says:

    I absolutely love your app. Thanks for making it available. However, I just upgraded to your most recent version and it quits/closes during the first ring out. Until their is a fix for this can I downgrade? I am using an Iphone 3GS IOS5.


  25. Darrius says:

    Why doesn’t Talkatone work since this week’s update?

  26. Frank Cantafio says:

    Hi Talkatone,
    I am ecstatic now. Reinstalling did the trick. It works like a charm. For some reason I thought the upgrade was the problem, but it now works better than it ever did.I was worried I would have to wait for a fix, but it was quick and simple.

    I am also impressed with how fast you responded to. It was within an hour!

    Thanks again,


    • talkatone says:


      We just have way too many settings. And each setting multiplies number of cases we need to test by 2 which is starting to exceed our capabilities.

      So starting with next update we are going to remove some rarely used options to improve stability for users who is fine with “mainstream” options set.

      • talkatone says:


        To fix the crash please uninstall the app and reinstall it fresh from app store.

      • Frank says:

        Hi Talkatone,
        Please understand……after I installed a fresh copy of talkatone it works great! I’m happy. I hope you don’t think I’m complaining. I LOVE IT!


  27. Kevin Li says:

    I am getting calls but my phone is refusing to answer them on my Droid. When i slide to answer the calls, it keeps rejecting me from answering.

  28. Anderson says:

    After the new update the app crashes when I try to make a call. Please fix soon I need this app!

  29. Anthony says:


    Can you tell us when a new update will be out, since the last on I can’t use this now as it crashes ever time I open it!

    • talkatone says:


      1. Average time to clear through Apple’s review is 1 week after we submit an update to them.
      2. To fix the crash some users are experiencing (and looks like you are affected by it) – please go to Settings in Talkatone, tap “Connection” and turn “Battery Saving” switch ON.

  30. Frank Cantafio says:

    I absolutely love this app. Now that I received the most recent update The app is running smoother than ever. However, I was wondering what I should do when I get “network quality is poor”. Is the idea to hang up and try to reconnect or should I stay on and it may improve?

    Thanks so much,

    • talkatone says:


      “Netowrk quality is poor” is shown when Talkatone stops receiving audio data. It could either be caused by local network you are in, however we noticed lately that for some unknown reason Google may stop sending audio data during the call in which case yes, the fix is to hangup and re-dial.

  31. Frank Cantafio says:

    Thanks for your prompt reply. My other thought is to involve connection via Facebook or any other options available. Initially, I had Google and FB checked off in GV settings, but it appeared that it too long to load, so I unchecked it. I am using a 3GS so I understand that it’s alot slower than a 4S.

    Thanks again,

    • talkatone says:


      Yes, on slow CPUs it may take a while to process merging of contacts coming from different sources and keeping it simple speeds the process up significantly.

  32. Maya says:

    Dear Talkatone team,

    Thank you for a solution for us UK iPhone users that want to make international calls using our gmail call credit.

    However, over the last couple of weeks, I have found that most of my calls are dropping out after a minute or so and its rather frustrating. Is there something I need to change in the settings?… Is anyone else experiencing a similar issue?

    Im on iOS 5.1.1 (iPhone 4).

    Many thanks.

  33. David says:

    I’m not sure what happened to my post, sorry if this is reposted elsewhere. I am only able to see my google chat contacts and not my entire contacts. I added my gmail account as a microsoft exchange server as was recommended. It accepted my credentials, however I’m still only able to see the google chat people and not my entire contacts list within gmail. Can you recommend a solution so that I’m able to see my entire contacts and not just the chat contacts which are dependent upon people having a gmail account?

    • David says:

      I apologize, I figured it out. My gmail phone contacts are listed under “My Phone Book” within Talkatone now. Just wanted to confirm with everyone that by adding your gmail account as a microsoft exchange server within your ‘settings’ will pull your gmail contacts into talkatone!

      • talkatone says:


        Yes, that’s correct. Google Sync is Google’s emulation of MS Exchange which lets you to import Google’s contacts to i-Device address book. And Talkatone would read those contacts from Address Book.

        p.s. though we are considering option to read Google’s contacts directly from the server – this is not a big deal for us anymore.

  34. Denis Abbott says:

    I have talkative. I have tried calls in the us with no problem-thanks. I will be going on a cruise to Europe and will want to phone/text to people on favorites list. I presume I call the same way but am not sure. Will I ned to add any country codes, etc? Say existing number in favorites is 225 111-1111. What do I need to call that from Europe? Thanks

    • talkatone says:


      1. Please check published Google Voice rates:

      2. You can control which country code prefix is prepended to number you dialed by going to Settings in Talkatone, picking “Google Voice” and there is “Home Country” selector.

      Alternatively, you may dial “global” numbers, e.g. in +country code format (to dial + tap-and-hold 0 on keypad).

  35. ken0arto says:

    Love the idea of Talkatone but it super slow and crashy on an iphone 3g. Takes at least 60 seconds to load and then it frequently crashes a few times. Any settings I can change to improve performance? Also can’t find a way to hit “1″ when using handsfree in a Toyota Prius.

    • talkatone says:

      Unfortunately, iPhone3G is 4 years old device which has extremely weak CPU and small amount of RAM, so there is nothing can be done. We intend to drop the support of it.

  36. CookiesMom says:

    I love talkatone with one major complaint. Please add ability to sync google contacts. The integration is crucial to a great user experience and would make everything so much more convenient. Thanks for a great app and hopefully it’s not to much to integrate this soon!

  37. Jessica says:

    Im using talkatone on my iPod touch 4, and sometimes it randomly hangs up when I’m on the phone. And I’ve noticed that I can’t talk for more than 2 hours and 59 minutes without it hanging up on its own. Is there something I can do to fix this?

  38. chadkafka says:

    Just stumbled on talkatone as I was making plans to travel to Europe later this summer. I only have wireless devices. If I have set up Talkatone on my iPad (wifi) and iPhone 3GS (plan to get a sim card while in Europe, but still set up GVoice and talkatone on there), if someone here were to call my GV number, would I be alerted just the same on either my iPad (if I’m in wifi area) or iPhone 3GS (if I’m in a 3GS or wifi area)? I get confused with the “only works in the US” statements about Google Voice and talkatone. My thought is it should work if I’m in a wifi area and that’s mostly what I care about. Thanks!

    • talkatone says:

      Basically, for incoming calls it will work the same way as it works in US.

      Note: Google Chat we connect to does not support “Call Forking”, e.g. it will ring only one connected device (iPhone or iPad) but not both.

      • chadkafka says:

        Thanks for the quick feedback and good to know. Is there a way to force which device I want to ring (iPad or iPhone?) Thanks again!

      • talkatone says:

        Yes, there is:

        You can go to Settings in Talkatone, tap on your Google account there and edit “XMPP Priorities” (by default they are configured to maximum allowed value).

        Device with highest priority supposed to get call (e.g. you need to lower priority on less-preferred device).

  39. Josh says:

    I just downloaded the latest update and ever since then when I open the app it closes by its self almost immediately. I end up having to reopen it a few more times before it actually let’s me do anything, Also I don’t receive texts at times not sure this is because of the update or not. Please respond to this as soon as possible

    • talkatone says:

      Josh, crashes on start usually indicate that app got corrupted during update.

      1. Uninstall the app
      2. Reboot the device
      3. Re-install the app fresh from AppStore.

  40. Frank says:

    The last update I received was awesome! Today it was scary fast on my old Iphone 3GS. The app now takes 15-18 seconds to load normally after this last upgrade. It used to be over a minute. The connection to the server for the first time usually takes over a minute (Wifi). Today they were both under a minute. I can’t THANK the Talkatone people enough!

  41. Eliijah Moss says:

    Hi. Im 14, and I have a serious question. My and my friend are trying this app out to see if it works, but I don’t know the prior data plans. For instance, we don’t know if this uses minutes or cost money to call people within US and Canada “only”. We are using this app on our iPads, but require phones numbers for forwarding… as it ask us to add one prior when setting up the account. So basically, does it use minutes from the forwarding numbers? We do not put our actuall number as the number we use on the ipad, We only use our reall number when it asks us to put it in for the forwarding cell.

    Thankyou for your time.

    • talkatone says:

      Talkatone app does not uses the “airtime minutes”.

      Forwarding numbers we believe required to prevent fraud. After you set up Google Voice account you can disable all forwarding options on this page: – keep just “Google Chat” checked and no minute from the number you used to activate Google Voice account will be used.

      • Eliijah Moss says:

        And, how do you take the forwarding nuber off? I click the link, but it only pulls up the numbers i have connected with the app.

      • talkatone says:

        You can disable forwardings – just uncheck “checkboxes” next to them.

  42. Eliijah Moss says:

    Basically, your saying that we will not be billed at all? Also, we have iPads, so i don’t know if this will help.

  43. Frank Cantafio says:

    Ok. so when I first downloaded this app it took me 2min. and some change to load in, start the app and make a connection to the server. This was my time after the latest upgrade 47 seconds. I am so happy right now. I wish some of the other app people can figure out the same method for speeding things up. The voice quality has been consistent also. Thanks Talkatone people.

  44. Christian payne says:

    Ummm, well I lost wifi connection, and went back to the app after reconnecting the wifi, and I got a blank white screen, and don’t know what to do, can I delete app then re-install and keep contacts, numbers, etc.?

    • talkatone says:

      Just terminate-reopen the app using multitasking bar or reboot the device.

      P.S. Reinstall keeps contacts, number etc = they stored in local address book on the device which persist through reinstalls.

      • Christian Payne says:

        Thank you! Restarting my device worked just fine!! Overall great app, and amazing call quality. Again thank you for the help.

  45. Bill says:

    Love the app. What settings do I need to do where so that when somebody calls my # it rings my ipad instead of my cell phone associated with the google voice account?

  46. Robert says:

    Can’t Seem to find how to bring in Google Contact List that has the telephone numbers (it only seems to bring in Contacts that have Google+ only, but not our regular phone list that we have compiled.

  47. Taylen says:

    Quick question….. Can my talkatone account receive texts from unknown numbers??

  48. Dave says:

    I’m trying to set up my wife’s Ipad so she can be contacted without going through the switchboard using the Talkatone Gchat and SMS. I found that some messages are being sent to her work email for some reason even though she also has the Gmail app on the Ipad. I thought maybe turning off “contact merge” might fix the problem. She has to keep private and business communications separate. Any ideas on how to make sure all Gchats , and text messages are kept within the Talkatone app? She has her business email being collected inside the native email app.

    Thanks ,

    • talkatone says:

      Not quite understand which messages are sent to her work account.

      Chats are sent to specific Gmail account. So, if they are directed to her personal Gmail address the messages should not show up on the business one.

      SMS messages (e.g. texts to/from phone numbers) can be forwarded to additional email addresses. Please review where SMS notifications been forwarded to:

  49. Taylen Arnot says:

    This is a great app. My only problem is that randomly the app just closes, and i don’t get some messages that people send me

  50. Frank Cantafio says:

    Does receiving incoming calls on all devices mean they will all ring at the same time? Or, does it mean you can be talking on one device then pick up on the other and join that conversation? I just installed the update and was wondering. It’s still my favorite app. Thanks!

  51. Frank Cantafio says:

    That had to be the fastest response EVER! Thanks so much. However, It appears my desktop Imac OS Lion isn’t ringing at the same time. Only my Iphone 3GS. Is their something I’m doing wrong?

  52. Frank Cantafio says:

    Too bad it’s not doable. I guess the only way around it is not to load Talkatone in my Iphone at the same time I’m on my desktop? I am grateful for this app anyway. It’s awesome! Thanks.

  53. dorothy says:

    I don’t have a phone, so talkatone is a dream come true. I love it, except for the fact my calls drop like crazy. Is this because my wifi doesn’t have a stable connection? Also, people I talk to complain of my voice become “robotic/choppy”… is there any way I can prevent this? And when I call someone when their line is busy, a horrible screeching noise nearly deafens me before I get the busy signal. It’s painful, and I don’t understand why it happens. Lastly, oftentimes I receive texts but they do not show up on the talkative app until much later.. or even not at all. I had to download a google voice app to ensure I get my messages, which is a bit of a hassle. Why would they not show up? These problems may seem like I’m unhappy with the app, but I really do love it! It’s so convenient and the price is definitely right, but fixing these issues would make it even better. Thank you so much and keep up the good work!

    • talkatone says:


      Basically those conditions indicate poor WiFi connectivity (not “nominal” bandwidth to Internet Service Provider, but quality of actual WiFi):

      * When connection just start going bad you will start noticing “static noise” caused by lost packets (e.g. audio which not delivered by WiFi network).

      * When connection starts getting worse, on top of static you will get “robo-voices”.

      * When connection drops completely (even for a second, during which we have to send/receive 100 audio packets) – call just drops as result of it.

      Note: most of quality issues are caused by interferences from:
      Other (neighbor) WiFi networks
      Home appliances (microwaves and cordless phones are known to be specifically bad as they operate in the same 2.4GHz range as WiFi on most of i-devices and androids),
      distance to routers and walls on the way.

  54. Jaffar says:

    I downloaded Talkatone on my Samsung galaxy s3. It installed but when I am trying to sign in, there is a message in the screen which says “” talkatone is connecting to talkatone servers””
    But it is not connecting. And after 10 min it says
    Talkatone has stoped.

    What can I do to fix this problem?

    Thank you

  55. cfritze says:

    running talkatone on an iphone 4s. when my phone is off (talkatone running in background) the phone rings on an incoming call – I unlock the lock screen – I tap the notification center message – then talkatone comes to the front but I have no ability to answer call. And frequently I see the Connecting… screen for a time as well. any suggestions on how to get receipt of incoming calls working? thanks

  56. Frank Cantafio says:

    Hi Talkatone,
    I just received the latest update. App and connection to server takes only 45 seconds on a 3GS Wifi – Awesome! I also just purchased a bluetooth bracelet with a soeaker. I can hear Talkatone through that. I’m even happier. Thanks again Talkatone!

  57. Natasha says:

    I love talkatone but my boyfriend and best friend do not have it and when I call them on their cells they say it’s a California # even though I am in Canada and so are they. So does that mean that they will be charge long distance for taking my call? I guess what I mean is does their cell phone acknowledge my call as a real incoming US call? If so that sucks! Is the only way for it to be a free incoming call for them mean they have to use talkatone app too?

    • talkatone says:

      There is no any special charges to receive calls from Talkatone.

      Caller (you) supposed to take care of all potential “long distance” charges. In your case – Google took care of that portion.

  58. Frank Cantafio says:

    Talkatone just got one step better! I have no idea what I had done, but Talkatone appears on my lock screen. I use an ancient,discontinued Iphone 3GS IOS 5.1.1. How cool is that? I am so grateful for this free service,you would never believe how much! Thanks again Talkatone.

    • talkatone says:


      iPhone 3GS is not discontinued and iOS5.1.1 is still officially current (last day though) – it has all APIs and features we need from iOS (multitasking and notifcations center).

      Not sure why Talkatone started to appear just now – that behavior should’ve been always.

  59. Frank Cantafio says:

    Hi Talkatone,
    I don’t mean this to come out in a mean spirited way, but the 3GS has been discontinued. The other thing is I had been getting notifications via Talkatone all along. It was just never in my lock screen before. It was only the camera. I just discovered it. This is super convenient. I LOVE IT! Below is one of the articles I read about the discontinued 3GS. All the best to you.

    • Khaled says:

      The app just doesnt work after the last update. It works for a few seconds whole it connects and then j automatically shits down

  60. Frank Cantafio says:

    Hi Talkatone,
    I hope you didn’t take my last comment in the wrong way. I just wanted to set the record straight about the 3GS. It is so difficult for you guys to keep up with every device that comes out nowadays that this error is understandable. I have only one device to worry about and you have way to many. I am so glad Talkatone has worked very hard in continuing to upgrade and support the 3GS. Right now it is the only Iphone I can afford. YOU GUYS AND GIRLS ROCK!

    • talkatone says:


      iPhone 3GS was discontinued just under a month ago. But it’s still under support by Apple: upcoming iOS6 will support iPhone3GS, so we will keep supporting it for a while (we still support iPhone3G which went out of support by Apple over 1.5years ago).

  61. Jon says:


    On every call it’s rings few times then hangs up every number HELP IT USEE TO WORK FINE

  62. Ramesh says:

    I’m using my old iPhone4 with Google Voice on Wi-Fi at home. Issue I’m facing is that when the phone is unlocked, Talkatone plays the ringtone on incoming call. But when the phone is locked, it just vibrates couple of times.

    Can I change that behavior, so Talkatone plays ringtone irrespective if my phone is locked or not.

  63. Ramesh says:

    Looks like I found a bug. I found the root cause of this issue and able to replicate as well.

  64. Joe says:

    Hi there,

    I have talkatone installed on both my iPad 2 and my iPhone 5 and for some reason it crashes on both, upon start up. How do I fix this?



  65. terry says:

    I was texting someone earlier today and I received their reply just fine. I got the Talkatone, Google Voice, and email notification. Then I went to reply and it said I need to set up SMS and it gave me two options. “I swear I did already” and “Check again”. I did both and nothing happened. SMS in the Google Voice app works fine but I keep getting repeated notifications of an untranscribable voicemail I received on Nov 1. I checked my GV settings. They seem fine. I un and re-installed talkatone and it doesn’t tell me I need to set up SMS anymore. It just plain doesn’t send them. I don’t receive anything through talkatone either. I get the texts through the google voice app. What’s wrong with my Talkatone? Please help.

  66. J says:

    I would love a way to disable the gchat portion of the app. I want to use Talkatone for calls and texts, not instant messaging. Is there an update in the works for that functionality?

    • talkatone says:

      Calls are specially formatted chat messages. So we cannot do not receive chats, but receive calls.

      One known workaround: create dedicated Gmail account for use with Talkatone and move your Google Voice number there.

  67. Jorge says:

    A random person has the same number as my google voice/talkatone account, and is receiving/replying to my messages that I get from people that I message from google voice/talkatone. Is their a way to permanently delete or reset my google voice…?

  68. Justice says:

    I love the Talkatine app, it’s just that not too long ago I started to experience call quality problems. It sounds like static now, like its raining in the phone. Any advice on what I could do to get it back right?

  69. Adam says:

    I love the product so far. The one thing that bugs me is that the caller is required to provide their name when calling on my talkatone number. This leads to a lot of missed calls, as some people would rather hang up. Is there a way to disable this option through the settings?

  70. Jon says:

    I just downloaded and installed Talkatone on my Android phone and I can’t seem to figure out how to change my Google Talk status to Invisible. I can only see Available, Away, Extended Away, and Do Not Disturb.

  71. RAP says:

    So is talkatone a landline calling app? My friend says her phone bill is extremely high because she’s been talking on a landline too much… Please get back to me as soon as possible.

  72. Claus says:

    The only way I have been able to use Talkatone to CALL is to manually enter the information manually as a “New Contact” from the “Favorites” button.

    All my contacts are visible when I use the “Contacts” button, but when I click on them and select their phone number. Talkatone only offers the TEXT option.

    I must be doing something wrong, as I would think your app would offer both a CALL and a TEXT option. Otherwise I have to manually enter all the information for everyone of my accounts maually :-(

    HELP, please

  73. Claus says:

    Addtional info to my above post.

    I am using an iPad (First Gen) running IOS 5.1.1

  74. Tom says:

    Yeah every time I try to make a call it says can not complet try again later.

  75. Tom says:

    Yeah I downloaded the app on my iPhone 3GS and it won’t even dial out it will ring once then can not complete call try again later? What do I need to do?

  76. Troy says:

    I’ve tried to look through this blog, and I think I know the answer…so forgive me if this is repetitive…I am going to Israel on a trip..I’ve downloaded talkatone on my Samsung Galaxy 3 and made a call to it from my computer…seems to be working fine. This app seems awesome! Will I be able to directly call my wife’s phone back here in the states from Israel, and will she be able to call me? Does she need to install the app as well? Will that help if she does? I realize I’ll need wifi in Israel, and we’ll have it in most places we’re at. I’m trying to avoid activating my phone for world-wide roaming…thanks for your help…

  77. yarnim says:

    Hi I have sort of a weird question I guess, since I could not search it up anywhere on it exactly, but I was wondering if I make a phonecall from my mobile device to another mobile device, is my call through talkatone considered a call FROM a landline? or is it from a mobile?

    My GF is on a limited minutes Sprint plan and she was just telling me that her minutes usage was going off the roof becuz of me switching to talkatone from regular cell calls (Verizon).

    • talkatone says:

      It all depend on the carrier how they treat the calls. It’s their billing system makes a decision.

      Ideally if your GF installs Talkatone too – the calls would be truly free/unlimited on both ends.

  78. Ranjan R. Lamichhane says:

    I love this app and I also purchased the ad free version. But why do you not have frequent updates to this app on android?

    I have one problem with this app. The app losts its connection to the server whenever I am on the University wifi network and the Internet would be running great. Why does that happen? It is so irritating.


    • talkatone says:


      1. Android update is coming this week.

      2. Some universities block everything on their network. Contact IT department for explanations about why do they do that.

  79. Ray says:

    I love you app and unfortinately I did not use it for couple of months and my “pin to unlock” does not work. (May be i forgot) Is there a way to gain access back to the app?

  80. Pablo says:

    Hello. I’m having a problem. I purchased the permanent add-free option, and now that I log in again ads are still there. When I go to settings and set the add-free option to “off” it asks me again to purchase, even though I already did that! It’s some 10 dollars we’re talking about, which is quite expensive. What can I do?

    • talkatone says:


      Please contact us at, provide the details about original purchase (iTunes Receipt) and we will be able to fix it for you.

  81. Frank says:

    Hi, I just upgraded my Iphone 3gs to IOS 6.1. Talkatone has not worked better! The wait time is not that long either. Thanks so much for making this product – once again, you and your staff ROCK!

  82. Scott todd says:

    I live in U.S. I’m leaving for a trip to Europe. Can I call back to U.S. for free using wifi?

  83. Slightly confuse. i have 2 google account numbers. I registered Talkatone with Line 1 but I’d prefer to make my calls via the Line 2. Is there a way I can set if so that the keypad to dial out defaults to line 2 when dialing?

  84. Jada says:

    I used Talkatone on my iPod and it it worked just fine. But now I’m using it on my Android and my caller can barely hear me. I don’t know how to fix it.

  85. Ken says:

    Hi, i been using talkatone amost a year and never having any problem. But since i started last month paid to remove the ad, now i could not send message to the state when i travel oversea. Help.

  86. Yankey says:

    Just did a update to the new version and since than it keeps on crashing :)

    Thank you very much !

  87. Chris says:

    Every time I make a call, it rings 1-3 and then hangs up, exiting out of the call. I read in another post that you suggested restarting the phone, which I did, but no luck. Groove IP works fine, but I wanted to try your service because it has texting capabilities. Any idea what’s going on?

    • talkatone says:

      Go to Settings menu in Talkatone, click “Google Voice” and change your Home Country – it controls country prefix added to phone numbers.

  88. Courtney C. says:

    If I were to delete Talkatone and re-install it to my iPod, would I be able to keep all my contacts and still use my current Google voice number? I need to know!!!

    • talkatone says:

      Yes, contacts stored in Address Book on iPod (iPod like big brother iPhone has full blown phone address book) and your Google Voice number is linked to your Gmail address.

      E.g. both will be restored after re-install and login with the same account.

  89. S.D. says:

    Hello Talkatone,

    I have lost my ipod, while I was still “away” on my talkatone app. I have signed out of gchat, and even tried to sign out all other sessions of google voice, but to no avail…I’m still showing up as “away.” I have changed my password to my google voice/gmail account, but I’m not sure what else I should do to remotely sign out of the app?

    Thank you so much for your help!

  90. Gar says:

    Has anyone else had issues getting the ‘add call’ button to work whilst on a call?

  91. jo says:

    While the text history is in fact located in my google voice account online is there any way to download or email Talkatones current sms conversations directly from the app? Can that be added if not? The google voice log is unwieldy and Google Takeout isn’t much better.

    • talkatone says:

      Hi Jo,

      Thanks for using Talkatone. Unfortunately, that is not a feature that is supported in our app right now. We will, however, add it to the list of potential features in future releases.

      Thanks again for your support.

      • Sujith says:


        I would just like to know how to disable my talkatone password,
        It’s a four number password… I somehow set it up months ago,
        Now I want to disable it, since it is quite annoying and causes the app to crash!
        Could you please tell me how to disable the password?


      • talkatone says:

        You can disable PIN-code lock in Miscellaneous Settings in Talkatone

  92. Travis says:

    I have an issue where my new iPad, when using talkatone will use Kuwait as its country code, i do not have an option on changing the country code so far that I have found. Would like to use but, im not sure if I can please help.

  93. Vince says:

    I love talkatone and have replaced my home phone with it. However, in the past couple of weeks, the quality has become really “iffy” – that is, the sound comes across as peaked or “blown out” – scratchy and overmodulated, if that makes sense. When I call the same number with Skype, it is perfectly fine. I don’t prefer skype for various reasons, but it does show that the problem isn’t in my headset, or the country, or wi-fi connection. It seems to be with whatever Google uses to complete the calls. Any ideas?

  94. Monicatz says:

    Not so long ago my purse was stolen with my ipod touch. I had installed talkatone and now the person who stole my ipod is using my talkatone/google voice account. Is there any way to log out remotely from my talkatone in order for this individual not to access my talkatone. I logged off remotely from my gmail account but that did not help. Please reply soon. Thank you!

    • talkatone says:

      1. We recommend to use to remotely wipe out your iPod and/or track it’s location.
      2. If you didn’t have iCloud configured on your iPod Touch you may change your Gmail password. And BTW don’t forget to change all other passwords for all services you had used on your iPod Touch: Facebook, twitter, mail accounts etc.

  95. ahila says:

    i have one doubt is that possible to make call from one state to other state inside usa via talkatone?

  96. Frank Tedesco says:

    Would premium $ 2.00 monthly service
    Upgrade give me better call quality?
    The free one I have sucks.

    • talkatone says:

      It depends on quality of your network connection.

      If you experience problems with quality and/or reliability of your WiFi connection (“static noise”, cutoffs, dropped calls) – Premium would make it worse due to higher bitrate.

      If you have good network connection and want better sound reproduction – Premium would significantly improve that by providing higher voice encoding quality.

  97. Javier says:

    This app has been very helpful and I do like a lot very well design. but in the last couple days I’m having problems dialing a phone number it said “talktone stop working” so what I did I deleted the app and download the same app again and still having the same problem! I own a table nexus 7. I wonder if this issues is common or not. I appreciate i if you can give any advice in what to do. Thanks and again great app.

    • talkatone says:


      We have not done any changes and there are no updates released in last couple days (we are working on big update for Android). So not sure what had changed on your tablet. Did you install any Android updates? Any new apps? Any changes in tablet settings?

  98. Je says:

    I have a Nexus 7 tab. This app works real well. Question is how do I answer calls on my tablet?? Secondly, is there a way to identify the caller. I noticed that even if the caller is one of my contacts, it is shown as an “unknown” caller when calling my google voice number.

    • talkatone says:

      If you configured Google Voice account correctly (to forward calls to “Google Chat”) calls should ring your Nexus7.

      When Talkatone receives calls there should be 3 sliders. You need to drag green one across the screen.

      Note: you also can switch to “button based” interface of accepting calls (it may work more reliably for some users) – to do so please go to Call Settings menu in Talkatone and uncheck “Slider Interface to answer calls”.

  99. Katherine salazar says:

    Hello I have a iPhone 5 and latest version of talkatone. For some reason even on my 4g service of wifi talkatone sounds like echo when I talk on phone ? Is that normal for iPhone 5. I had iPhone 4 never did that noise thanks

  100. GG says:

    Says “go to settings, privacy, enable talk atone for contacts… There is no enable talk atone feature there. I have enabled all to make contacts available in my iPad. How the heck does one import iPad contacts into this app ? I have version 2.2.3 think it’s the latest version.

    • talkatone says:

      It refers to main “Settings” app on your iPad. where you should tap “Privacy” and then “Contacts” and then find Talkatone and grant it access to your Address Book.

  101. GG says:

    That’s the issue … when I go to ‘Settings’…’Privacy’ it’s empty … no Talkatone there to enable. Talkatone app tells me same thing – to go there – But there’s no Talkatone.

    • talkatone says:

      Not sure why iOS fails to show Privacy settings for you. Try to terminate Talkatone from multitasking bar and then reset privacy settings on iOS: go to main Settings app, tap “General”, then “Reset” (at the very bottom of screen) and then “Reset Location & Privacy” (make sure to reset just privacy settings! don’t reset whole device!)

  102. My app was working just fine till two nights ago it stopped and it says two reasons 1. Your Internet connection prohibits it. 2. Googles serves aren’t responding. I went to couple of my friends house it works but then I came home and checked my connection setting everything was normal. This is the only way for me to communicate.

  103. Jeremy says:

    Talkatone will not log into google voice even though I can log in I rebooted phone uninstalled reinstalled I seem to get text in they say talk a tone

  104. I have a problem my talkatone won’t connect, everything I do hasn’t worked… I’ve redownload it… My wifi works great but talkatone keep says connecting!!!!!! I need help to figure out was wrong its been like this since…… July 5 2013…… HELP!!!

  105. cboo says:

    how do i switch my dns to settings mentioned above to get talkatone to connect?

  106. cboo says:

    its still not working on my ipad or iphone. it keeps saying connecting but never connects. Do i just need to change the dns under the wi-fi menu or something else is required?
    Thanks for your help

  107. Aaron says:

    l am from USA in PHILIPPINES app keeps converting #s to Philippines. phone#s.

  108. Dana Hand says:

    Hi, I am really enjoying Talkatone on my iPad 3 and iPhone 4. Call quality is amazing, often better than AT&T. However, one problem: I called a # that my daughter uses when she visits the USA. She did not set it up for voice mail, so that phone just rings and rings. When I tried to hangup, the app did not respond…just kept ringing and ringing. I turn off the app, wait for several hours, then turn it back on….the number is still ringing. (A problem only on iPad, not iPhone.) Do I need to delete the app and reinstall? I am a little reluctant to do that, because delete and reinstall erases all my Favorites., as I found from experience. I am using the Pro version, which is a bargain at 20 bucks a year.

  109. J says:

    In the Android integration, there is no way to dial USSD code to the carrier. I have to disable the whole integration first before I am able to send my data usage query out.
    Would be great if the integration will just ignore anything starting with */#

    • talkatone says:

      This is not possible. Intent filter are quite limited, so we cannot filter intent based on number fragment.

      • J says:

        Well, but I think Talkatone can certainly trigger the native dialer based on the intent Data phone number.

      • talkatone says:

        Will create the loop as we do handle exactly the same intent as native dialer does. And having great variety of dialers (each flavor has its own dialer) there is no direct intent to trigger “native” dialer directly.

  110. J says:

    I have talkatone app it’s great except when I dial numbers the beep of number pad is 3 or 4 times louder than everything else I can’t figure out how to turn it down any feedback would be helpful thank you

  111. Chaica says:

    Hi i like your app that is free calling and text but I don’t like that when someone calls me they hang up because it says state your name and google will transfer you. can’t it just transfer and if you don’t want to answer then don’t answer you know. I don’t know I been having people call me and they hang up because they think it’s a voicemail and Iit just says “say your name and google will transfer you” is their anyway I can take that off so it will just ring? HELP PLEASE!

  112. Jethin says:

    I am very happy with the product talk a tone and use it quite often. I have bad reception of my carrier at home and hence can’t make any calls nor receive when Im at home. Making calls through Talk a tone is fine but is it possible that if a call is made to my carrier it can be received through talk a tone so that I miss no calls ?

    • talkatone says:


      Yes, it is possible: You can forward all calls from your carriers number to Google Voice.

      Howe to do that depends on the phone and carrier.

  113. brook13e says:

    Using wifi (iph4, no premium), continuous tone or rapid tones only transmit 2-3 seconds before being squelched to very low volume. Don’t experience same with SIP or Vonage Mobile apps. Prevents serious transmit quality measurements for TT, not to mention rapid fire languages like Mandarin.

    Is “Noise Reduction” prompt backwards? Off means On, and you must pay to actually turn it off? (i.e. You want free customers to experience a “better” default, having noise reduction on)?

    Or misleading: option toggles between two types, but there is some unavoidable noise reduction going on no matter what, that has no option to turn off?

    Once did have premium, don’t think I left it On, but if premium expires, could state show as Off, when Noise Reduction is still On?

    note: I’d also put in request/plug for Bria-style reporting of detailed quality statistics after call. Is that somehow technically not possible in non-SIP VOIP app?

    • talkatone says:

      1. Current version of iOS app is using Speex codec:
      Yes, at very low bitrates of Standard Quality compression it removes some harmonics from the signal which can cause some distortions for some types of voices.

      2. Our latest version on Android brings support of OPUS codec which supposedly should preserve signal much better. iOS would follow.

      3. “Noise Reduction” is how we had to “abbreviate” this feature:

      And yes, it’s hard-disabled when Premium is OFF. E.g. getter for this feature always returns NO if there is no active premium.

      4. Detailed QoS reporting: only very very few users would be able to understand what it is.
      Just FYI: by tapping top blue bar on live call screen you can show packet loss meter for Rx stream (c: m: a: == current/median/average packet loss percentage)

      Can we ask you are question on what are you trying to achieve?

      • brook13e says:

        Despite upgrading router (esp. for QoS prioritization), internet BW (for upload), headsets, still too many drop-out complaints by called party for me to use TT. But leaving (non-GV) voice mail I don’t hear that it’s that bad. Maybe there’s a duplex issue?

        Other (SIP) VOIP offer: stats on transmission too (not just reception side), persistent overall stats after a call (not just “fleeting” dynamic in-call packet-loss), and diagnostics that can be sent to vendor for analysis/support of quality issues. TT is asymmetric, dynamic-only, no sendable diagnostics. You imply you have “marketing” reasons why this is so. Are there also technical reasons why this is so, due to google-chat instead of SIP?

        As a test I transmit a 600Hz tone for 10 seconds. Receiver only hears 1st 3 seconds of that tone, followed by 7 seconds of barely audible noise or tone (10x volume reduction). Repeat same for 400Hz, 600Hz, 800Hz (change tone every 10 sec) and the 1st 3 seconds only of each change in tone transmit clearly. Far beyond “some distortion” from loss of some harmonics. Tones are not sustainable.

        Reading your link, I don’t think its Perceptual Enhancement. Instead likely is VAD/CNG and/or AGC, gone wild somehow (all which have no options to disable).

        Using same test with compression=none, there is only relatively slight/minor volume reduction after 2-3 seconds of each change in tone (plus some distortion of course). Perhaps TT has mandatory AGC with minor effect regardless of compression, then standard compression adds mandatory VAD/CNG with devastating effect.

      • talkatone says:

        AGC: iPhone has hardware AGC + AEC and yes, we enable them both. We do not enable nor VAD nor DTX == they just make jitter buffer implementation to be extremely complex, moreover there is no real need as speex encodes silence really well = under 20bytes per frame.

        Perceptual Enhancement: Unless you have Premium – it’s disabled.
        Note: Speex codec is really bad in transmitting non-voice signals, so when you are trying to transmit continuous tones they confusing codec. Also, please make sure that there is no direct acoustic loop during your tests (also, note that transmission of continuous tone can cause iPhone to think there is acoustic loop and it will start ducking signal to reduce it)

        Duplex: very unlikely as we do not synchronize Rx and Tx streams (past AEC which is done automatically by iPhone hardware). One difference when you are testing voicemail = larger jitter buffer on voicemail end which can fix some packet loss. Also, usually voicemail boxes are limited in 30s per message while real calls are longer, so just statistically chances of periods of significant packet loss (when several packets had been dropped out in the row) are higher on real call.

        QoS stats: technically audio is transmitted using standard RTP (and we have anonymous Tx channel stats on the servers).

        Just FYI: the best tool to test connection quality is “ping”. Try to ping your phone and our server from same local network. As we see by GeoIP you appear to be in California, so those are 2 servers which act as audio relays for you: and

  114. Peter says:

    Will I be able to call family and friends in the UK from the US on my Tablet?
    Will I be able to call the same family members within the UK while on vacation from my tablet?

    • talkatone says:


      Yes. You can call your UK friends from Talkatone if they also have Talkatone and you both logged in to Facebook account.
      For US friends – you can call just their regular phone numbers.
      And it does not matter where you are located, as calls go over Internet anyway.

  115. Hashem says:

    Is there a way to make talkatone app for iPhone not continuesly asking to “import contacts”?

  116. Dave Pivarnick says:

    Since 1 week ago talkatone keeps crashing when I launch the app. I have deleted and reinstalled the app two times and the app still crashes

  117. Derrick Ray says:

    I just switched from IOS to Android. Installed the talkatone app because I’ve loved it since I first got it. Only problem is that I can’t seem to find any way of adjusting the settings for Talkatone on my S4. Also, why is there an ad at the bottom when I paid for the premium version?

    • talkatone says:

      You can access settings under menu (vertical dotted line in bottom action bar).
      Ads: to remove ads please go to “Premium” item in the menu and tap “Reclaim Subscription”.

  118. Derrick Ray says:

    Thank you so much for the assist.

  119. amy says:

    Hi i tried using an international calling card via talkatone, but for some reason it just sent me to an automated help line, i’ve tried waiting to speak to a representative but no one answered… i just wanted to know what’s going on. can i use calling cards or not? and if so, how? i believe the help line mentioned something about a “call back” but im not sure what that meant. please reply soon, and help me figure it out! thank you!

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